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Sacombank in tough battle against bad debt ratio

Sacombank in tough battle against bad debt ratio

Sacombank's bad debt ratio was reduced to a little over three per cent, which is considered the safety limit, in less than two years.

Cong Cafe to open its first overseas branch in South Korea on July 31

The franchise of Cong Cafe chain, which possesses the unique decoration style of Vietnam’s command economy period, will be located on Yeonnam-dong Street, a hub for South Korean youth in Seoul.

Trung Nguyen International opened its first King Coffee-branded coffee shop, targeting a 1,000 chain

Trung Nguyen International has recently officially opened its first coffee shop under King Coffee brand name in central highland, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province and plans to open 1,000 coffee shops nationwide.

Authority announces over 99 per cent of Mumuso products originated from China

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mumuso has shown signs of violating the law on advertisement which confuses customers about the origin of products for unfair competition.

Unilever’s first year in the hands of its first Vietnamese female president

Unilever’s profit sharply jumped last year with the after-tax profit of roughly $165 million, up nearly 40% compared to 2016, thanks to strong revenue growth and steady cost control.

Thaibev plans to reduce Sabeco’s profits by $44 million

According to the business plan proposed by Sabeco's new Board of Management, its profit will drop from nearly $220 million attained last year to $176 million anticipated this year.

VIB stands behind the top instant noodle producer UNIBEN's success

Owing to financial support from Vietnam International Bank, UNIBEN has been able to invest vigorously in their factory and promote their marketing activities actively, allowing the company to gain the majority of the market shares of the instant noodle industry in rural areas.

Fivimart and Citimart supermarket chains lost over $10 million after Aeon's acquisition

The joining of Japan’s big-name Aeon did not improve financial situation of Fivimart and Citimart but it even became worse.

Vietnamese products outsourced abroad and labelled with foreign brands: Trade secret or risk?

Outsourcing production or registering business license abroad, then bringing products to Vietnam under foreign brands is the fastest way for Vietnamese products to access the domestic market and for brand building; however, it is entailing many risks for enterprises.

VinSmart purchases BQ’s IPRs for Vsmart-branded smartphone production

BQ – the leading European technology company and VinSmart Company – a member of Vingroup have inked a comprehensive cooperation agreement to promote the production of Vsmart-branded smartphones following international standards.

Auto firms made eloquent appeal for relief action

The Vietnamese automobile market is said not to be really stable because of negative impacts incurred by requirements of Decree No.116/2017/ND-CP, threatening security of thousands of jobs.

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