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ESG key to sustainable development

ESG key to sustainable development

Lots of business in private enterprises take actions to pursuing sustainable development, aiming at creating better corporate and society in a whole.

Sustainability trends urge firms to move more quickly

Shifting to green economy and green growth will help businesses increase their competitiveness and catch up with trends on the domestic and foreign markets.

Dairy enterprises take actions to build circular economy

Dairy businesses in Vietnam are pioneering in applying circular economy solutions on their progresses.

Custormer power in closing say-do gap

Leaders can keep in mind that consumer power can scale change, and it is need to make sustainable choices easier for consumers.

Key factors promote effective EPR tool

Developing a modern, standard waste collection, recycling and treatment system is key requirement to effectively implementing the EPR tool, helping businesses save on the cost.

How will the contribution fee for the compulsory collection and recycling tool be used?

According to Phan Tuan Hung, director of the Legal Department under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the contribution fee for the collection, recycling and treatment of hazardous waste is mandatory for the purpose of encouraging businesses to adjust their product design as well as their production and business methods toward an environmentally beneficial direction.

Coca-Cola ready to deploy EPR for plastic packaging

Coca-Cola Vietnam expects to eliminate 2,000 tonnes of new plastic in Vietnam annually by introducing bottles made from 100 per cent recycled PET plastic.

Levitate creates 'new normal' in buying homes

Teaming up with real estate and technology experts to found Levitate, former Lazada Vietnam COO Fabian Wandt wants to help real estate developers deliver highly competitive and personalized products designed by home buyers themselves with the support of AI.

Marou brings Vietnam’s first original chocolate to the world

It’s been a decade since Marou launched Vietnam’s first and original chocolate. The philosophies behind the brand remain the same: to understand and respect the Vietnamese culture and to shine a light on the underrated flavors of Vietnamese cocoa beans.

SCG intensifies alliance to drive ASEAN towards ESG

Consensus include pressing plans to establish Thailand’s first collaborating consortium for net-zero innovation development. This seeks to pool know-how, technologies from international parties and is expected to roll on by the end of this year.

Proactive transformers earn higher returns

Possible correlations between the companies’ performance and their transformation approaches are found in a recent EY-Parthenon study.

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