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Foreign investment inflows from China to Vietnam may loom

Trade war is opportunity to revise business models with China as Vietnam needs to be more flexible in making strategies to take advantage of US-China trade war, according to Professor Tung Bui.

Several enterprises face tax arrears and risks of devaluation during IPO due to maintaining two accounting systems

Two accounting systems results in a lack of transparency and it is also the shortest path leading to the devaluation of firm during future mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or initial public offering (IPO).

Professor Jack P. Suyderhoud: “Competition makes everyone better”

Owing to a higher, more stable income per capita and a more sustainable economic growth, a larger number of high skilled labour are required in Vietnam and it has generated hefty opportunities as well as stiff competition for international universities now and then.

Stock indexes
1,258.28 5.55 0.44
Volume: 961,928,011 Value: 23,731 (Billions VNĐ)
236.43 0.97 0.41
Volume: 106,817,887 Value: 2,141 (Billions VNĐ)
91.16 0.53 0.58
Volume: 60,102,193 Value: 656 (Billions VNĐ)
1,267.07 1.32 0.1
Volume: 277,677,296 Value: 9,084 (Billions VNĐ)