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VinFast expands network despite losses

The gross loss of Vingroup’s electric vehicle brand VinFast saw an increase of 7.3 per cent last year when the company expanded its commercial footprint.

Vietnam Airlines suffers $102 million loss in Q1

The national carrier is seeking $500 million government support as it is struggling amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lotte Vietnam misses plans to open more Lotte Mart supermarkets

No supermarket was opened in the past eight months though Lotte Vietnam Shopping Joint Stock Company has set out an ambitious plan to open more 12 Lotte Mart supermarkets in Vietnam since early this year.

VNG Corporation surpasses after purchasing Tiki's additional shares

Spending over $5.1 million to buy Vietnamese online retailer Tiki's shares, VNG now holds a 29 per cent stake, eight per cent higher than that of the second shareholder

Is Jetstar Pacific impeding Vietnam Airlines’ growth?

Within five years after being operated by Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific has never competed with VietJet Air and it also broke loss records even though its revenue has grown in line with the overall trend of the market.

The Government Inspectorate announces MobiFone's wrongdoings in purchase of AVG’s shares

MobiFone’s violations and irresponsibility in the acquisition of a 95-per cent stake in Audio Visual Global JSC (AVG) may cause a serious loss of around VND7 trillion (US$308 million) to the State.

Viethaus joint venture in Germany reported accumulated losses of US$16 million

Despite contributing only VND15 billion (US$661,521), Southern Airports Services JSC (SASCO), Viethaus’s shareholder, has paid on behalf of the joint venture nearly VND300 billion (US$13.2 million) to fees and had to make provision since 2015.

Vinachem to sell its entire stake in 15 companies

Under the restructuring scheme, the Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem) will hold less than 50 per cent stake in seven companies and sell all of its stake in 15 other companies.

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