Danh Khoi Group ready for real estate market's rebound

By Phuong Hua - Sep 27, 2021 | 08:20 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERAfter a long social distancing period, Danh Khoi Group is planning to implement a series of projects in the last quarter of the year, ready to get into an important final stretch that makes up for the period of business operations being delayed due to the pandemic.

A boom expected in coastal real estate

The real estate market has witnessed a gloomy third-quarter because of the fourth outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to the immobility of many projects and businesses.

However, Danh Khoi Group has made efforts to accommodate and implement chain business activities of the key projects on the network-based platform so that customers can easily have access to potential products.

Typically, during July and August 2021, Danh Khoi Group successfully introduced the Astral City project in Binh Duong province and started the sale of Block B of Aria Vung Tau project in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province via webinar and has achieved results beyond expectations.

In that circumstances, Danh Khoi took advantage of this time to prepare business activities for key projects, ready to “boom” as soon as the market recovers.

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co – One of the central projects of Danh Khoi Group in 2021.

Precisely, after nearly four months of implementation, Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co project has reached more than 1,500 product consultation registrations and is expected to be officially introduced to customers on September 19. 

This is a resort apartment complex which is designed in Japanese concept that can help express a great experience of "Japanese-style tourism" to customers when coming to Quy Nhon city.

It is known that in this period, Danh Khoi is executing many preferential policies for customers. In details, customers only need to pay 20 per cent of contract value to own a house with a discount up to 2 per cent and an investment insurance package worth 5 per cent of the transaction value for investment customers.

In addition to the roadmap of introducing the Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co project, Danh Khoi also continue to launch 698 landed products in the low-rise subdivision of Nhon Hoi New City on November 7 with the expected price from VND2.3 billion per unit. The infrastructure and urban landscape are being under construction to create synchronous development for the residential community in Nhon Hoi urban area.

The latest project in Danh Khoi's coastal product chain is Lagi New City, an urban area with a scale of 43.3ha. Currently, this project, developed by Danh Khoi Group, is also conducted market research and sought to customer needs by DKRA Vietnam.

It is known that the Lagi New City project located in the center of Lagi town (Binh Thuan province) is expected to become the key investment of the province's real estate market as well as contribute to changing the landscape of the local urban area in the near future.

In addition, Danh Khoi has also set the time to resume activities in a series of other prominent projects, such as The Aston Luxury Residence complex (Nha Trang) or a “masterpiece” called The Royal Da Nang with a stunning view which covers whole poetic Han River.

The Royal Danang project is a rare gem in Danang City that has completed entire legal procedure, and Danh Khoi Group will introduce to customers about 275 units in December 2021.

Block B of the Aria Vung Tau project will get the next launch in October, Block C is in process and expected to launch in February 2022. 

At that moment, the Astral City luxury apartment complex in Binh Duong will also be deployed from the first half of October. 

Focusing on developing the resort apartment product segment, Danh Khoi demonstrates a sharp perception satisfying market trends.

According to experts, during the time of social distancing, customers are restricted from all real estate trading and investment activities, so the demand is likely to rebound after the pandemic.

Enterprises, having a good internal resource and choosing the right opportune moment, could control the race in the last three months of the year. With a series of projects spanning many provinces and cities and multi-segments for customers to choose from, Danh Khoi Group is confident to get an explosive fourth quarter after a period of silence.

Pioneering vision with advantage of prominent products

With 15 years of experience in the real estate development, Danh Khoi's ability is reflected in its solid financial potential, a business team which “covers” entire country and a sharp vision when pioneering in the new markets, anticipate future development trends.

Typically, Danh Khoi has developed a series of projects in famous tourist cities such as Danang, Quy Nhon, Vung Tau, Binh Thuan ... This is a segment expected the great attraction on market in the increasing trend of "second-home" apartments such as condotel near coastal cities.

Fresh air and average population density are considered as important factors to help customers enjoy a peaceful life as well as a safe resort in the future. 

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Comprehensive perspective of Nhon Hoi New City in Binh Dinh.

Catching up with the new trend, Danh Khoi is "stocking up" with a large supply with a series of projects with tourism and relaxation such as Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co (Quy Nhon), The Aston Luxury Residence (Nha Trang), The Aston Luxury Residence (Nha Trang), The Royal Boutique Hotel & Condo Da Nang (Da Nang) or Aria Vung Tau (Vung Tau City)… are ready to meet the needs of customers for next many years.

In addition, the projects also have the advantage of developing in an area with a comprehensive upgrade of transport infrastructure, directly connecting to the East - West economic axis of the country and transparent in legal of ownership at the same time. As a result, Danh Khoi's products are also an effective long-term investment channel with a profit margin growing steadily year by year.

Despite the epidemic situation, according to many experts, residential real estate still attracts the most attention of customers because people's demand for housing is always constant.

In particular, the Grade A apartment segment is expected to lead the supply with the participation of reputable brands that ensure product quality. In this segment, Astral City offers 800 luxury apartments will be the perfect choice for customers with residential needs who are following the trend of suburban real estate.

Besides, project development for the new phase, Danh Khoi Group has completed the DKiD application - a digital technology platform to help connect and manage real estate investment comprehensively for customers, especially in current pandemic situation.

This is the Danh Khoi Group's long-term development strategy in the era of the Fourth (4.0) Industrial Revolution, helping customers easily access all potential projects across the country.

Danh Khoi Group's leaders said that with a long-term strategic vision and strong internal resources, Danh Khoi is ready for the rush race at the end of this year and early 2022.