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Tokyu teams up with Danh Khoi to expand portfolio in Vietnam

The joint venture with Danh Khoi marks the beginning of Tokyu Corporation's strategy of segment diversification and market expansion in Vietnam.

Danh Khoi Group would become key player in real estate industry

Danh Khoi is step by step turning into a leading real estate development group in both domestic and foreign markets.

Danh Khoi in new normal

In the circumstance of the Covid-19 pandemic that has "frozen" the activities of many businesses, Danh Khoi Group has continuously introduced many projects to customers by online platforms and prepared plans to speed up when the market opens in the new normal.

Danh Khoi Group ready for real estate market's rebound

After a long social distancing period, Danh Khoi Group is planning to implement a series of projects in the last quarter of the year, ready to get into an important final stretch that makes up for the period of business operations being delayed due to the pandemic.

Danh Khoi launches new brand identity, looks to become a big player in Southeast Asia

On January 5, 2021, Danh Khoi Group introduced its new brand identity and comprehensive development strategy to all partners and shareholders, marking a turning point after 15 years of development.

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