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Novaland rides tourism wave

Novaland rides tourism wave

The 250,000 clientel along with tens of reputable strategic partners lays a solid foundation for Novaland to intensify investment in tourism real estate.

Vietnam and the way to 'World Cup dream': Novel candidate for VFF's leader

The race to become Vietnam Football Federation's vice president of finance, who holds the future of Vietnam’s football in hand, is becoming tougher than ever with many viable candidates.

Energy sector faces challenge of mobilizing $8 billion per annum: WB

A big challenge is how to mobilize the large investment requirements, estimated at around $8 billion annually to meet fast growing power demand, according to country director of World Bank in Vietnam Ousmane Dione.

We come to Vietnam to make money, not to save money: Starbucks Vietnam's CEO

The world-leading coffee brand does not need to change to blend in with the Vietnamese culture because customers want the same Starbucks taste at any place of the world, according to General Manager of Starbucks Vietnam Patricia Marques.

Tourism in Hanoi’s hinterlands: Make hay while the sun shines

Despite the great demand, resort tourism in the outskirts of Hanoi is still developing in a scattered manner.

Challenges for Vietnam’s economy in 2019

The uncertainty of the economy in the changing trends, the impacts of the US-China trade war and the infrastructure in need of upgrading are the main challenges that Vietnam has to face in 2019.

Vietnam being stopgap in US-China trade war?

While many enterprises are excited by the shifting wave of investment to Vietnam as the US-China trade war intensifies, Dr Mai Huu Tin, U&I Group President warned that Vietnam might just be a stopgap.

A murky economic outlook for Vietnam in 2019: Expert

There are three reasons why economist Vu Thanh Tu Anh was pessimistic about Vietnam’s economic outlook in 2019: the declining global economy, the unpredictable impacts of the US-China trade war on Vietnam, and Vietnam’s complicated socio-economic issues.

Increasing inequality threatens Vietnam's progress over decades

If inequality was not increasing, Vietnam’s poverty reduction record would be even better, according to the leading international non-governmental organization Oxfam.

Vingroup's leader: 'We take risks to concentrate on automobile project VinFast'

Vingroup said that it is willing to take risks, even trade-off some short-term economic benefits to concentrate all its resources on automobile project VinFast.

How to 'cool' board meetings

The disagreement leads to collaboration but can also lead to friction and stagnation if not done correctly.

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