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Local firms lack awaness of circular economy

Local firms lack awaness of circular economy

Vietnamese enterprises’ knowledge about circular business is limited, with only 20 – 30 per cent clear and 3 – 6 per cent very clear, according to CIEM’s survey.

Urgent need to prepare for mandatory collection and recycling tools

PRO Vietnam's representative stated it is urgent to evaluating projects and other pilot models on waste collection and recycling from now to 2024 to choose the right one to be replicated, aiming at implementing the EPR policy tool.

Coca-Cola Vietnam sets new record

Coca-Cola Vietnam set the world’s largest Vietnamese Tet meal table with the participation of 1,000 multi-generational families at Hoa Lu stadium, Ho Chi Minh City. This special record of Coca-Cola honors the tradition of family reunions over Vietnamese Tet meals and conveys the message "Tet may change, the magic remains".

Firms pushed to switch to sustainable packaging

As more consumers become aware of environment safety and the concept of circular economy becoming more influential in Vietnam, enterprises need to switch to packaging that meets sustainability requirements and is easily recyclable to stay competitive.

Applying circular economy to increase resilience

The circular economy is an alternative to traditional linear economies, where people take resources, make things, consume them and throw them away. This way of living uses up finite raw materials and produces vast quantities of waste.

HSBC warns of biggest downside risk to Vietnam’s growth

According to HSBC, Vietnam is not immune to a notable global trade slowdown – in other words, “pay-back” time has arrived.

Coca-Cola, Duy Tan join plastic waste management project in Can Gio

The objective of the project is to facilitate collaboration between consumers, waste pickers, recyclers, and local authorities to pilot the new and innovative approach of circular economy for plastic waste.

Tetra Pak, PRO Vietnam and BVRio Carton launch carton recycling investment programme

Taking place in Ho Chi Minh City until March 2023, the project aims to recycle 3000 tonnes of cartons recovered from the environment by around 200 informal waste collectors.

New way of waste classification and collection in new era

Over recent years, lots of initiatives related to waste classification and collection based on smartphone applications have been developed in Vietnam, aiming at increasing the efficiency of this activity.

Experience of waste sorting in some leading countries

Source separation of waste is seen as core solution in the circular economy application, and has been applied by countries having high recycling rates.

Coca-Cola honored as one of the Top 4 most sustainable companies in Vietnam

This is the 7th consecutive year the company has been honoured as one of the most sustainable companies in Vietnam, reaffirming its continuous efforts to making a positive difference in local communities while protecting the environment.

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