Initial price of VinFast's e-scooters Klara announced being record low

By Hai Phuong - Nov 07, 2018 | 03:33 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe start price of VinFast's electric scooters Klara in the first batch is reduced by 40 per cent compared to the actual price down to even below $1,000 each unit.

Initial price of VinFast's e-scooters Klara announced being record low
VinFast Klara can cover 80 kilometres on a full charge and its maximum speed can reach 50 kilometres per hour.

VinFast, a subsidiary of Vingroup has recently announced its preferential price policy for electric vehicles in the first phase called “Three No” that means “no depreciation cost, no financial expense and no profit”.

In the initial stages, the price of VinFast’s products will not take depreciation costs (from production machinery and assembly chains), financial expenses (interest payable on loans for investment in factory construction) and profit into account. 

The selling price will be calculated by production cost plus the selling one.

In addition to the policy, VinFast’s e-scooter model Klara will receive other special offers, helping significantly decrease its price.

Based on “Three No” policy, the price of lithium-ion battery Klara will be over $2,400 while lead-acid battery version will have price at nearly $1,460.

When the preferential policies are applied, the price of lithium-ion battery model is reduced by 40 per cent down to over $1,500 for the first batch and about $1,710 for the second one.

The first batch of lead-acid battery version will then have price at about $900 per unit and the second batch is nearly $1,100 per unit.

After the special policies end, VinFast Klara will be adjusted to “Three No”.

Vingroup Vice President and General Director Nguyen Viet Quang said: “Through “Three No” policy, VinFast wants to bring in the opportunity to experience world-class products in Vietnam.”

“With the electric motorcycles in the first phase, VinFast is willing to suffer losses up to 40 per cent to reach majority of customers, contributing to shaping habits of using vehicles safely, eliminating emissions and minimising noise to protect the environment,” said he.

VinFast focuses not only on building high standard – quality and outstanding features but also creating comprehensive ecosystem for electric vehicles including charge and battery rental station, cloud computing system with mobile application and authorized agents.