Coca Cola elaborates on 'exclusively for sale in Vietnam' labelling

By Quynh Chi - May 14, 2019 | 09:13 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERLocal consumers have raised concern over Coca Cola’s labels of ‘Exclusively for Sale in Vietnam’ and ‘Exports are not authozised’ that has prompted the beverage giant to give explanation.

According to Coca Cola representative, certain Coca-Cola products manufactured in Vietnam are labeled as exclusive for Vietnam market to ensure the benefits of bottlers in the country as well as those in others.

Many Coca-Cola products are exclusively for sale in Vietnam
Some of Coca-Cola's products are exclusive for sale in Vietnam

Apart from its well-known carbonated soft drink Coke, other products under the Coca Cola Vietnam brand like Fanta, Sprite, and newly launched Nutriboost UHT Milk, are also seen to contain the same inscription, which have by some means worrying its consumers on the quality of Coca Cola products.

Some believe that those products made in Vietnam may not be on par with the quality of those in other markets.

Legal and Public Affairs director of Coca Cola Indochina Le Tu Cam Ly, nevertheless, said that the beverages ‘exclusively’ sold in Vietnam have the exact same quality as the those sold in other countries.

“We are a global corporation so there is only one quality across the markets,” Ly said.

The label appears as the corporation has various bottles in different countries, she reveals. Some may be its own subsidiaries, but some are independent. So to protect the rights and benefits of these bottlers, the label is printed on the products manufactured in each specific market.

Meanwhile, it is worthwhile to note that there are imported Coca Cola products distributed in Vietnam at much higher prices. For example, a 500ml Coke can imported from Japan is sold at $2.12 while a 330ml can of Coke produced in Vietnam costs only $0.39.

To clarify for the situation, Ly said that Coca-Cola always considers different factors including market position, GDP, and other when deciding the prices of their products, in order to ensure the mass distribution of the products to general consumers.

Coca Cola elaborates on 'exclusively for sale in Vietnam' labelling 1
Legal and Public Affairs director of Coca-Cola Indochina Le Tu Cam Ly.

Last month, Coca-Cola Vietnam Beverages unveiled three new Nutriboost UHT milk products in collaboration with New Zealand-based Fonterra, as part of the company’s effort to tap into the rising and diversified demands for nutrient-rich products in the modern life of its customers.

Ly said that milk is just one of Coca Cola’s products being introduced to Vietnamese customers to respond to the demand of locals. 

“We are proud to say that within 24 hours, we can provide any kinds of beverage that Vietnamese customers want”.

Vietnam is currently one of the strongest markets of Coca Cola, which makes it the initial focus for the alliance between Coca Cola and Fonterra to launch the dairy-based products here.