An electronics retail giant emerges as M&A rumour looms

By Quang Chung - Aug 08, 2017 | 07:23 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERNguyen Duc Tai, Chairman of Mobile World JSC (MWG), confirmed that MWG “has nearly finished negotiating” on the purchase of an electronics chain, which has been rumoured to be Tran Anh Digital World JSC (TAG). Accordingly, the share price of these two companies has drastically increased ever since.

An electronics retail giant emerges as M&A rumour looms
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At the end of August 6th session, the share price of MWG rocketed to VND106,500 (roughly US$4.69) each. Concurrently, the share price of TAG reached its record level in a long time at VND33,000 (about US$1.45). 

This results from the recent rumour of the M&A deal between MWG and TAG, though two companies have not confirmed the information.

Tran Anh is one of the traditional rivals to Mobile World with 39 stores in Northern Vietnam. 

On December 12th, 2016, it is reported that Tran Xuan Kien, Chairman of Tran Anh Digital World JSC, and his family members held 55.88% of the chartered capital. 30.82% was owned by Nojima Corporation from Japan. This deal is expected to help Mobile World dominate the electronics market of the region.

Mobile World is trying to get permission from the shareholders' council to allocate VND2.5 trillion (roughly US$110 million) to its M&A budget.

It is also eyeing an opportunity to purchase a pharmaceutical chain. The partners have not been decided yet, but there are two proposed schemes. 

The preferred option is a small-scale chain that owns from five to fifteen shops. It should have a deep knowledge of pharmacy but cannot expand its commercial scale. 

Mobile World will take full ownership of the chain and develop the brand nationwide. However, the capital for this target is expected not to exceed VND500 billion (about US$22 million).

As reported in December 2016, it is estimated that two mobile devices and electronics chain of Mobile World, namely The Gioi Di Dong and Dien May Xanh, captured 33% market share of mobile segment and 19% market share of household appliances segment respectively.