WinMart brings American tastes closer to local consumers

By Quynh Chi - Jul 05, 2023 | 11:39 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service in Hanoi partners with WinMart, one of the fastest-growing retailers in Vietnam, to bring American tastes closer to Vietnamese consumers.

WinMart brings American tastes closer to local consumers
The American Summer Vibes campaign

The two parties organize an in-store promotion featuring eighty American food and beverage products including directly imported fresh cherries and blueberries, beef, pork, poultry, and other consumer-oriented products.

The marketing campaign is being rolled out at 40 WinMart supermarkets, and 962 WinMart+ stores in Hanoi.

This summer, Vietnamese consumers can taste the finest American food and beverages offered at special prices and with product sampling opportunities.

Ralph Bean, USDA Agricultural Counselor said that the above-mentioned U.S. agricultural products are becoming more popular in Vietnam thanks to their high quality, safety, availability, and diversity.

The cooperation between USDA/FAS and WinMart will effectively promote high-quality, safe, nutritious, and healthy products imported from the United States.

Vietnam is an important export market for US agricultural products. In 2022, US exports of consumer-oriented products to Vietnam reached over $1 billion and are expected to grow along with Vietnam’s dynamic retail industry.

"The premium quality, consistent supply, and sustainable values of US food and beverages contribute tremendously to the growing bilateral trade relationship between the United States and Vietnam,” said Chargé d’Affaires Melissa Bishop from the American Embassy in Hanoi at the kick-off event for the American Summer Vibes campaign in Hanoi.

“Agricultural, food and beverages from the United States are always favored and well-received by WinMart and WinMart+ thanks to their freshness, and outstanding quality. WinCommerce hopes to bring the finest favors from the United States closer to the Vietnamese consumers via the American Summer Vibes campaign,” said Nguyen Trong Tuan, head of the WinMart chain in Vietnam.

In 2022, US exports of agricultural products and related foods to Vietnam continue to grow, reaching nearly $4 billion. This number makes Vietnam rank 9th among the country's top agricultural export markets.