VinaCapital Ventures invests in logistics startup An Vui

By Tay Lan - Aug 15, 2019 | 04:26 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe technology holding company of VinaCapital has announced that it has made an investment in logistics software startup An Vui, targeting at making Vietnam’s ground passenger transport system more efficient.

VinaCapital Ventures invests in logistics startup An Vui
An Vui was launched in 2015 providing a comprehensive software system for passenger transport providers

Terms of VinaCapital Ventures’ investment in An Vui however were not disclosed in the announcement.

An Vui was launched in 2015 to support small- and medium-sized transport companies such as interbus and limousine services, which have been overshadowed by the growth of airline industry.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, road passenger transport accounts for more than three-quarters of all passenger transport nationwide, and the number of such service providers continues to grow. Many of these transit operations, however, are smaller enterprises with limited resources for revenue management, marketing, and customer service.

An Vui’s end-to-end software solutions offer subscribers more than a dozen functionalities, including own-brand websites and mobile applications, ticket management, parcel shipment management, and fuel cost management, all of which can help bus operators manage their businesses more efficiently and eventually save 10-20 per cent operating costs and increase revenue by 20-30 per cent.

To date, more than 100 bus operators have chosen An Vui as their trusted technology partner.

“Vietnam’s bus and limousine sector is very fragmented, with an estimated 21,000 operators. We are well-positioned to not only help operators better plan and utilise their vehicles and staff, but also provide their customers with a better experience with, for example, online ticket sales and service. Working with VinaCapital Ventures will enable An Vui to enter into more strategic partnerships and boost our business growth,” said Phan Ba Manh, founder of An Vui.

Speaking at the “Logistics and Technology 4.0” conference, Khanh Tran, partner at VinaCapital Ventures, noted that helping companies working to transform Vietnam’s logistics sector has been one of the company’s key investment themes since launched in 2018.

“The inefficiencies and lack of transparency in large parts of the sector play a key role in contributing to some of the highest logistics costs in the region. Many of these businesses are fairly small and family-owned, and solutions like those offered by An Vui can help them compete and optimise existing resources,” said Tran.

VinaCapital Ventures is part of VinaCapital, one of Vietnam’s leading asset management companies with $1.8 billion in assets under management. The technology holding company invests in the next generation of Vietnamese and Southeast Asian start-ups. Its mission is to help develop strong technology companies in Vietnam and assist them in building a regional presence.

Apart from An Vui, VinaCapital Ventures has invested in transport and logistics startup Logivanand ride-hailing startup FastGo