FastGo debuts helicopter-sharing service

By Viet Hung - May 10, 2019 | 11:00 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe helicopter ride-sharing service provided by FastGo to explore Halong Bay will cost around $130 per person.

FastGo debuts helicopter-sharing service
FastSky will provide two main services, namely FastHeli Tour and FastHeli Wedding.

Vietnam’s ride-hailing company FastGo has today launched its helicopter-sharing service FastSkyin Halong Bay.

FastGo has cooperated with Halong Heli Tours, which operated by Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company – a subsidiary of Vietnam Helicopter Corporation, to provide two major services of FastHeli Tour and FastHeli Wedding to customers.

FastHeli Tour is the helicopter sightseeing tours over Halong Bay while FastHeli Wedding is designed to provide services to pick up brides by helicopter.

According to FastGo, the helicopter model used for the services is Helicopter 505, which is specialised for sightseeing with glass cabins to offer a panoramic view of Halong Bay. The model is also equipped with air conditioning and comfortable seats for passengers.

Helicopter ride-sharing service is currently a high-end facility and the cost for each ride is therefore relatively expensive. To encourage passengers to experience the services at start, Halong Heli Tours has introduced various packages that come in different time slots to suit their requirements.

The price for each helicopter ride over Halong Bay during a 12-minute trip starts from roughly $130. In addition, via FastGo ride-hailing application, passengers can sign up to pay for the helicopter ride in installments over periods of three, six or 12 months, on an interest-free term, for a service bill starting from $130.

FastGo believes that their helicopter-sharing service will add values to the local tourism market and the ride-hailing service sector in particular, as FastSky comes in as simple as any other ride-hailing app available at present.

FastGo is a ride-hailing app developed in Vietnam by NextTech Group. FastGo made its debut in Hanoi on June 12, 2018 and in Ho Chi Minh City on August 10, 2018.

In August 2018, FastGo announced that it had received an investment fund from VinaCapital Ventures for an unconfirmed amount of some $3 million or so.

FastGo is also known to plan for its debut in Singapore this month, in which it will pursue a strategy of paying a fixed income rather than commission to drivers. This income is expected to be less than $5 should drivers earn more than $30 a day.