Vietnamese people still lack experience in living in condominiums

By TheLEADER - Aug 12, 2017 | 08:22 AM GMT+7

TheLEADER“Most of the Vietnamese people lack experience in living in condominiums so they usually feel annoyed when following its rules and need time to adapt to them,” said Stephen Wyatt, Country Head of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Vietnam, an American professional service and investment management company specializing in real estate.

Vietnamese people still lack experience in living in condominiums
Stephen Wyatt, Country Head of JLL Vietnam (Photo: Internet)

In recent years, Vietnamese people often misunderstand the rules of condominiums, making them feel annoyed when adapting to the new environment. Stephen Wyatt, Country Head of JLL Vietnam, had a discussion about this problem.

Could you please give us some reasons why residents complain of the luxury apartments’ binding rules?

Stephen Wyatt: Most of the Vietnamese people who used to live in their own house are usually excited with their new comfortable life in condominiums. However, when moving to the new accommodation with loads of common rules which are normally necessary for developed countries like European, American nations or such Asian countries as Singapore and South Korea, they usually feel embarrassed. Therefore, they need more consultant to better enjoy the common facilities in high-end apartments.

What do residents usually complain about most?

Stephen Wyatt: Because they lack experience living in condominiums, they usually feel annoyed when regularly checking in for the joiners, depositing money during the construction time in case there is a damage in the apartment, etc.

They also face problems related to the sense of community. Specifically, some people living in the condominiums lack awareness in protecting the common environments by littering or making noise. Hense, we need to take responsibility for raising people’s awareness of respecting common rules and their sense of community.

Having paid a higher cost for security service making people annoyed while they have never stop desiring the best one.

Could you please name some of the costs leading to people’s complaints?

Stephen Wyatt: People usually question about the deposit on utilities like BBQ or sitting rooms, the higher parking fee compared to outside areas and the management fee which we have already explained clearly.

For instance, we had to consider carefully the management fee that is used to pay for common services and is listed transparently in our monthly financial report.

Could you propose some measures to create civilized lifestyle among residents?

Stephen Wyatt: People may feel uncomfortable at first when starting to adapt to many new rules but they need to get familiar with them to assure a better life with a safe, green and fresh environment, deserving hundreds of other residents.

In case there is an uncooperative person, we will remind him and explain to him the given rules and stricter measures such as cutting water supply, restricting the use of common services like BBQ area or elevator could be applied.