Vietnamese-branded Vinfast announced 36 car designs

By Dang Hoa - Mar 09, 2018 | 08:38 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERThis is the first time a Vietnamese company has been involved in the production of electric cars, marking a breakthrough for the development and integration of the Vietnamese automobile industry and contributing to the opportunity of owning a car to a handful of Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese-branded Vinfast announced 36 car designs
One of the car designs announced by Vinfast in the poll

On March 8, 2018, Vinfast Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd, a member of Vingroup, announced its 36 designs for the international standard electric and mini internal combustion engine car models.

The 36 designs including 17 electric car models and 19 mini car models are given by four famous studios in the world including Ital Design, One One Lab, Pininfarina and Torino Design.

Under the "Selection of your own cars - 2" program announced by Vinfast, two most favorite car designs would be chosen for this company's electric and mini cars.

Electric and mini cars Vinfast will be launched by the end of next year, one year earlier than expected. This event affirms Vinfast's goal to become Southeast Asia's leading car manufacturer with comprehensive products in the line of the internal combustion engine (sedan, SUV, hatchback) and electric vehicles.

One of the electric cars designs in the "Selection of your own cars - 2" program.

Vinfast decides to invest strongly in electric cars to create a breakthrough in Vietnam and global automobile industries. The world’s up-to-minute leading technology would be applied to the production line in order to produce eco-friendly electric vehicles, which is in line with the latest trend and development of the world’s automobile industry.

Besides, mini cars would be developed so that a large number of people can afford the international standard automobiles.

"Electric cars are the cars of the future. With a mission as a pioneer and a desire to make a breakthrough in the automobile market, we decided to manufacture electric cars at this time. In addition, Vinfast will also manufacture mini cars alongside two models of sedans and SUVs to serve the current domestic demand," said Vingroup vice president Nguyen Viet Quang.

In order to manufacture cars under the motto “Vietnamese identity - Italian design - German technology- international standard”, Vinfast is gathering all resources, cooperating with the leading brands in the world such as Bosch, Siemens, Magna Steyr, BMW and AVL as well as expeditiously finishing the construction of the factory in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone in the city of Haiphong to develop safe, luxury and modern and world-class cars which would be launched in September 2019.