Vietjet transports 800 passengers from pandemic-hit Danang back home

By Anh Phuong - Aug 13, 2020 | 05:05 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe flight VJ2737 today takes off and transports 230 stranded passengers from Danang to Hanoi. This is the first flight of the new-age carrier Vietjet operating to help passengers coming home while Danang has still imposed social distancing to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19.

It is expected that more than 800 passengers including many children, elders, most of the tourists will be rescued on four flights on two days August 13, 14 of Vietjet from Danang to Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The emotional flights of many families have been well prepared by Vietjet’s flight crews, staff with the most optimal sources, equipment with high-quality standards, modern aircraft to offer passengers good flight experiences on this short but meaningful journey.

These are the special rescue flights from the center of the pandemic, for the first time in the country, complying with the most strict safety regulations to prevent and control the pandemic.

All passengers and flight crews have to implement mandatory local monitoring and isolation measures after the flights according to regulations.

Vietjet transports more than 800 passengers from pandemic centre Danang to home
It is expected that more than 800 passengers in the flight VJ2737 from Danang to Hanoi.

Vietjet’s Vice president To Viet Thang said: “All Vietjet flights are guaranteed to comply with the highest safety standards for passengers, crews. All passengers are equipped for free medical protective clothing, checking body temperature, medical declaration, mask wearing and following medical and aviation authorities’ instructions to ensure safety as well as the pandemic prevention and control.”

Previously, with the spirit and responsibility to the community, Vietjet also operated many flights to repatriate Vietnamese citizens from all over the world; transported thousands of tons of essential goods, medical equipment for pandemic prevention; free transportation for doctors and medical staff.

Until the end of July, Vietjet has brought nearly 10,000 Vietnamese citizens home safely from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia and Myanmar and all Vietjet’s flight crews, staffs have been safe.