USD tended to plunge as US announced to impose high duties on steel and aluminium

By Vinh Anh - Mar 04, 2018 | 09:43 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERIt is feared that the escalating trend of trade protectionism will hinder global growth and make many businesses struggle for survival.

USD tended to plunge as US announced to impose high duties on steel and aluminium
US dollar price in five trading days (Photo: Marketwatch)

USD exchange rate announced by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) on March 2nd is 22,468 VND/USD, down 5 VND/USD compared to yesterday.

At ten leading commercial banks (*), by 10 a.m. on March 2nd, the USD purchase price of Vietcombank and Sacombank is leading with 22,725 VND/USD. In contrast, five banks offering the lowest USD selling price with 22,790 VND/USD are BIDV, ACB, VPBank, HDBank, and VIB.

Compared with March 1st, Sacombank has increased the USD price by 13 VND, Vietcombank and Vietinbank increased by 5 VND. On the other hand, Techcombank reduced by 5 VND in both selling and purchasing prices, and VPBank decreased by 10 VND in the selling price.

Regarding other currencies, at Vietcombank, of the ten currencies chosen by TheLEADER, there are up to nine ones that are increased, in which EUR rose the most by 0.67%. Only HKD slightly decreased by 0.02%.

In the world market, the USD index plunged, currently at 90.17 points, down 0.6 points compared to the same time yesterday. The US dollar weakened compared to others in the currency basket on March 2nd when President Donald Trump announced to impose high taxes of 25% and 10% respectively on steel and aluminium imported into the US.

The price of steel and aluminium products will skyrocket after President Trump's decision. It is worried to trigger a global trade war, resulting in retaliation from its major trade partners like China, Europe, and Canada.

According to Robert Carnell, Head of Research, Asia-Pacific, ING, "The world is at risk of trade wars due to U.S President's decision."

(*) Based on financial capacity and branch number