Toong and Indochina Vanguard in partnership to integrate co-working space in Wink Hotels

By Quynh Chi - Mar 19, 2018 | 11:32 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERToong and Indochina Vanguard have announced a partnership to locate co-working space facilities into newly created Wink Hotels, the first of which is scheduled to open in Ho Chi Minh City in the final quarter of 2019.

Toong and Indochina Vanguard in partnership to integrate co-working space in Wink Hotels
Toong’s co-working space

Wink Hotels has been developed by Indochina Vanguard, a hospitality joint venture between Indochina Capital and Vanguard Hotels. This is a vibrant new hotel brand that seeks to redefine affordable luxury in Vietnam and Indochina.

Blending modern, creative design and functionality with traditional Vietnamese design and cultural values, each hotel promises to satisfy the young-at-heart traveler’s contemporary desires.

Indochina Vanguard intends to roll-out 20 Wink Hotels in Vietnam and neighboring Indochina countries over the next five years.

Toong co-working spaces embody these ideals and will be integrated harmoniously with the innovative service ecosystem of Wínk Hotels, catering to the new age of travelers and entrepreneurs.

“By integrating Toong co-working space facilities into this dynamic new chain of hotels, we expect to reform the way business centers operate,” said Duong Do, Founder and CEO of Toong.

Duong said that business centers designed with the fashionable and inspirational mindset of a co-working space would better meet the expectations of the modern working style.

He also affirmed that integrating Wink Hotels into Toong’s large co-working space network would benefit both Toong members and Wink Hotel guests.

“The intersection of both communities will be a boon for both Wink and Toong patrons, taking advantage of our respective locations in major cities throughout Vietnam, as well as our presence in secondary cities and neighboring countries”, Duong expressed.

Two weeks ago, Toong announced its first foray into the international market, with plans to open a new location in Vientiane, Laos.

Although Wink Hotels will initially focus on becoming the market leader in Vietnam for this particular hospitality market segment, Indochina Vanguard has aspirations to expand the Wínk Hotels brand into neighboring countries in the coming years.

According to Indochina Capital (ICC), the expansion of Toong coincides with current market trends and the development of the modern office space market.

Hoang Dieu Trang, Senior Manager Commercial Leasing Savills Hanoi affirmed that co-working would continue to grow to match the economic demands and the evolution of the way millennials work.

“The co-working model in Viet Nam has room for development to cater to the commercial space needs of the growing entrepreneurial class,” said Hoang Dieu Trang.

The partnership will allow both clientele bases to enjoy the advantages of a co-working space while meeting the needs of a new generation of ‘connected’ travelers.

Additionally, it creates a platform for both business travelers, digital nomads and burgeoning entrepreneurs to expand their network and meet other like-minded individuals while visiting a new city.