Thirty one Vinpearl hotels and resorts chalk out rebranding strategy

By Giang Son - Jul 13, 2018 | 05:08 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERVinpearl has decided to restructure itself into three main brands, namely Luxury, Resort & Hotel, and Discovery so as to correspond to the three levels of experience including luxury - private, comfortable – flexible, and dynamic - exploring, respectively.

Thirty one Vinpearl hotels and resorts chalk out rebranding strategy
Vinpearl focuses on catering to the needs of each customer segment

With the plan to launch 11 new hotels across Vietnam this year, Vinpearl will become the largest hotel chain that bears a Vietnamese brand name in the country.

The Vinpearl's representative affirmed that restructuring the brand and rearranging the ecosystem of products and services were a step in reaching the world-class level.

Dang Thanh Thuy, Deputy General Director of Vinpearl JSC., shared about the restructuring strategy and development plan of this hotel brand.

Restructuring Vietnam’s biggest hotel brand to reach further
Dang Thanh Thuy, Deputy General Director of Vinpearl JSC.

Having once changed the brand structure, Vinpearl does it again now. How do those changes affect the consistency of the brand?

Dang Thanh Thuy: Previously, Vinpearl restructured itself into separate product lines, which were perfectly in line with its initial scale.

At the current rapid growth speed, 31 resorts - hotels will appear across the country by the end of 2018, we realise that Vinpearl needs to be organised in line with different demands of domestic and foreign tourists.

This strategy has reorganised the services with all brand lines bearing the prefix VINPEARL/VIN, so it does not affect the consistency of the brand.

With each product line, a hotel management group often uses a different brand. Why does not Vinpearl make a brand for each level which makes it easier for customers to recognise?

Dang Thanh Thuy: Currently, the hotel system bearing the prefix Vinpearl is five-stars or above five-stars according to the international standard. The prefix Vinpearl guarantees the brand consistency and shows the motto: Every Vinpearl product commits to the true international five-star standard.

According to the long-term plan, the prefix Vinpearl will not be used for all hotels, as the four-star line will have another brand prefix.

Restructuring Vietnam’s biggest hotel brand to reach further 1
Vinpearl Ha Long

How to distinguish the three brands Vinpearl Luxury, Vinpearl Resorts & Hotels, and Vinpearl Discovery most easily?

Dang Thanh Thuy: It can be briefly described as follows.

Vinpearl Luxury respects luxury, sophistication, and privacy. It provides above five-star products and service for couples who want to enjoy the holiday in total privacy.

Vinpearl Resorts & Hotels offers "worry-free" services, including five-star packages from accommodation to entertainment under a roof.

Vinpearl Discovery serves the demand of discovery, experience, and connectivity. It provides streamlined five-star service packages so that tourists can proactively spend time and money on individual needs.

Why don’t you use the word "condotel" for Vinpearl Discovery’s condotels, as “Discovery” is often used for exotic destinations?

Dang Thanh Thuy: Vinpearl Discovery includes Vinpearl Discovery Resorts and five-star Vinpearl Condotels. The concept of "Discovery" is for customer groups who want to experience different things but still have time to connect members with services that Vinpearl offers.

Foreign hotel management groups often adopt a strict process to ensure the consistency of service quality across the globe. Meanwhile, Vietnamese firms tend to be more flexible, cutting down some so-called unnecessary procedures. What is the style of Vinpearl?

Dang Thanh Thuy: Vinpearl’s management style is the harmony between our unique approach and international principles. We strictly commit to ensuring the service quality on the whole system according to the international five-star standard, and we are also flexible in setting up services to satisfy a wide variety of domestic travellers and international visitors.

Does Vinpearl intend to cooperate with any foreign corporation to standardise hotel management procedures or allow them to manage Vinpearl’s hotels by themselves?

Dang Thanh Thuy: Vinpearl maintains cooperation with leading tourism corporations in the world to standardise the hotel management process. We invite experts for consultancy and training or send staff to study from our partners. However, we will operate all Vinpearl hotels by ourselves to preserve the identity of domestic tourism and build the Vietnamese tourism brand on the international market.

How do you assess the business potential of the three to four star hotel segment?

Dang Thanh Thuy: It is a segment with a high demand now in Vietnam. In this July, Vinpearl will launch its four-star VinOasis brand with the first hotel in Phu Quoc.

Thank you very much!