The World of Heineken: a vigorous branding campaign in Vietnam

By Han Sovy - Apr 02, 2018 | 03:58 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERWith a population including a large proportion of young people, the Vietnamese market is potential for brand experience programs such as The World of Heineken in Ho Chi Minh City.

The World of Heineken: a vigorous branding campaign in Vietnam
The World of Heineken

A tryout is not a new way of branding, especially when businesses are now inclined to focus on customers’ sentiments. However, as it is often used throughout development stages of enterprises, this way of branding is often worn out.

Changing the way of thinking in marketing, which alters from selling products to “creating” customers for the product, is the theme of many Heineken’s promotional campaigns in Vietnam, including the non-profit model "The World of Heineken".

Since the first Heineken beer can was introduced in Vietnam in 1992, Heineken has succeeded in creating a new customer segment by kicking its taste up a notch with the slogan "It could only be Heineken". This move was aimed at changing the taste of Vietnam’s beer market then. To continue that spirit in the modern time, they aim at "Worldwide Heineken".

Before appearing in Vietnam, "The World of Heineken" was a giant success at the first Heineken brewery in Amsterdam (Netherlands) - the hometown of this brand.

In Vietnam, the organisers took full advantage of the location and new entertainment technologies such as 4D movies, photo booths, interactive video games, and cultural experience events. Besides experiencing the culture and history of the brand, visitors can also enjoy the authentic taste of Heineken. Hence, the effects have been maximised, and the campaign has been considered to be exciting for visitors.

Currently, "The World of Heineken" is ranking third on TripAdvisor.

"The World of Heineken" contains interesting activities and objects as follows:

The model illustrating Heineken's brewing process
4D films illustrating a trip to a Heineken brewery
F1 car racing games in "The World of Heineken"
The Heineken bar