Tan Long Group shakes hands with Denmark’s leading companies to materialize its largest paddy project

By Anh Nguyen - Sep 06, 2018 | 07:52 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERTan Long Group has just signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) with six leading Danish companies, a move to realize its largest paddy project for the time being.

Six Danish partners, namely SKIOLD, Munters, Tornordic, Haarslev, Danbred and Vilomix will accompany Tan Long Group to adopt advanced Danish technologies on Tan Long’s projects.

Being one of Vietnam’s top dealers in food and agricultural goods, Tan Long Group is currently developing its pork-and-rice production with continuous projects both in Vietnam and Myanmar. 

“We are delighted and honored to become an important strategic partner of Tan Long Group and we are excited to be main part of the largest paddy/rice project of 120,000 tons with possibility of expanding to 240,000 tons in Vietnam,” said Lasse Viegand Hansen, CEO of SKIOLD.

All of these Danish firms are famous for turn-key solutions, a type of solution that is easily or readily deployed into a current business within pig farm equipment, grain handling, feed mill plant, genetics, feed nutrition, slaughterhouses and meat bone mill.

Following the terms in the signed SPA, SKIOLD will enter a deal worth many million of euros of consulting, designing and supplying leading resolutions and equipment for a pig farm and paddy rice silos for a storage plan.

Tan Long Group shakes hands with Denmark’s leading companies to adopt advanced farming solutions
The scene of the signing with SKIOLD

Lasse added: “Our advanced technologies and extensive knowhow will increase efficiency in the logistic chain, lower waste and increase the quality of the delicious rice produced in Vietnam to highest standard.”

“In association with Tan Long Group, we hope to benefit Vietnam’s porcine husbandry with the latest know-how and philosophies from Denmark for efficient pig farming and strengthen the value chain from Feed-Farm-Food (3F=BAF) to secure high food safety and full traceability,” he said.

Meanwhile, Munters, a close partner of SKIOLD will be responsible for the supply of ventilation solutions for every pig farm projects of Tan Long Group.

As for DanBred and Vilomix, they are in charge of offering the best breeding genetic and high-quality feed and nutrition supplements for pig farm projects in Vietnam and Myanmar.

Tan Long Group’s slaughterhouse plant, meat processing plant and meat bone mill factory will receive supply from Tornordic and its sub-contractor Haarslev.

Kim Højlund Christensen, Danish Ambassador-Designate said: “ Denmark and Vietnam have a long history of cooperation in food and agriculture, especially in the fields of seed production, animal husbandry, fisheries, water, environment and energy. Developing sustainable food value chains, enhance food standards and food safety have always been at the center of our mutal cooperation.”

Tan Long Group shakes hands with Denmark’s leading companies to adopt advanced farming solutions 1
Kim Højlund Christensen, Danish Ambassador-Designate

“The Embassy is very pleased to assist Vietnam in unleashing its agri-food sector’s great potentials by facilitating Vietnam-Denmark cooperation like this partnership. I hope both sides will be able to strengthen the cooperation further by signing the contracts in Hanoi today,” he added.

Tan Long Group is a joint stock company specializing in food value chain, including rice and pork. The group has been invested in technologies and innovations to fully integrate 3F business model in order to ultimately assure food quality and safety, transferring the benefits to end-consumers.

In addition to the Vietnamese market, Tan Long Group has invested in large-scale pig firms in Myanmar, planning to supply 100,000 pigs to the local market by 2019.