Stress is preventing Vietnamese from getting proper sleep on holiday

By Minh Trang - Sep 11, 2019 | 10:12 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERVietnamese are so stressed that three in four of those surveyed frequently have trouble sleeping as they may be bringing too many worries with them on their holidays, according to a sleep survey.

Stress is preventing Vietnamese from getting proper sleep on holiday

This has been an ongoing issue for the locals as the findings of the 2nd Annual Relaxation survey for Vietnam, conducted by international premium cruise line Princess Cruises in collaboration with Wakefield Research, were identical with last year’s results.

According to the findings, Vietnamese’ poor sleep habits do not start or end with holidays. Inadequate sleep is a problem in general as two in five Vietnamese (37 per cent) are getting less sleep than they need. Their bedtime routines may be to blame with about 16 per cent and 9 per cent of Vietnamese drinking a hot caffeinated drink or alcohol respectively before going to sleep which may interfere with their night’s sleep.

Stress is preventing Vietnamese from getting proper sleep on holiday 1

The survey also found that the most common pre-bedtime food for Vietnamese is hot non-caffeinated drinks (30 per cent), followed by something sweet such as cookies or cakes (21 per cent).

Taking time off is one of the ways for adults to relax and de-stress. However, one third of employed Vietnamese (32 per cent) did not use all the paid time off available to them last year. Vietnamese who are married or in a relationship are more likely to use all their paid time off, which may be due to wanting to spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Children seem to have boundless energy that somehow ends up taking a toll on their parents. The study also showed that working parents are more likely than employed non-parents to take 10 days off every year just to relax or catch up on sleep.

“With so many people struggling to sleep well while on holiday, the best way to ensure they get the rest they need, no matter where in the world they are, is to try to maintain a sleep schedule and behaviours similar to ones followed at home. Exercising while on holiday and keeping a consistent bedtime will also help you get a great night’s sleep,” said sleep doctor Dr. Michael Breus

“Sleep is a vital, sensory experience that allows our bodies to recharge and recover from mental and physical strains. Lack of stress management plays a huge role in causing sleeping difficulties,” he added.

The Princess Cruises 2019 Sleep Survey sampled 1,000 nationally representative adults ages 18+ in countries of the US, UK, Australia, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Mexico.