Sharp fights against Asanzo on counterfeit Japanese technology proof

By Kieu Mai - Sep 23, 2019 | 11:53 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERBoth Sharp and Asanzo have brought their evidence to the table, with the former denying any business cooperation with the later, while the later rather surprising over the former’s denial.

The ongoing infamous product origin scandal of Asanzo Vietnam has hit a new turning point when the company held a press conference last week presenting its proof of utilising Japanese technologies, which technically linked to Sharp Roxy (Hong Kong), a so-called wholly-owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation.

Asanzo intended then to direct local public on the rapport that it had built with the reputable Japanese-backed electric and electronic product manufacturer and the Japanese technologies that it had used in the manufacturing of its products. All of these were to prove the local electronics brand’s innocence from the accusations of product origin fraud and that it was not cheating customers with the slogan of ‘The best of Japanese technology’.

Asanzo and Sharp Vietnam’s conflict in evidence of business relation
"The best of Japanese technology" slogan is a controversial issue besides allegations of product origin fraud.

The local electronics brand cited a confirmation letter from Sharp Roxy (Hong Kong), saying: “At the request of Asanzo Group JSC, Sharp Roxy (Hong Kong), hereby, declare and affirm that, we have a business contract with Asanzo, including the selling of electronic components, transferring of software, technology and workarounds, along with other related services. Until now, the contract is still valid”.

To keep track of the scandal, a few months back, Asanzo was accused by a local newspaper for not manufacturing any of its product components but importing them all from China. The firm however deliberately labelled its products ‘Made in Vietnam’.

Everything nevertheless did not happen as Asanzo would expect. Before the local media and public could buy into Asanzo’s claim, Sharp Electronics Vietnam, an affiliate company of Sharp Corporation, issued a statement confirming Sharp dissoluted its business alliance with Hong Kong’s Roxy Electronic Company Ltd. and Sharp Roxy (Hong Kong) has become its wholly-owned subsidiary since September 25, 2016

“…it is impossible for Sharp Roxy (Hong Kong) to issue the alleged document on September 12, 2019,” read the letter signed by Sharp Electronics Vietnam general director of Masashi Kubo, dated September 19. “Therefore, it is obvious that the document, introduced by Asanzo in their press conference on September 17, 2019, allegedly issued by Sharp Roxy (Hong Kong), is counterfeit.”

Sharp Corporation and Sharp Vietnam are thus considering to proceed a legal action against Asanzo Vietnam to protect its brand name, which has now been damaged by the local brand’s counterfeit of the document.

In response to Sharp’s warning, Asanzo said that it was “completely surprised” and continued affirming that the provided documents were genuinely what they had received from its partner in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, investigation into the accusation against Asanzo has been carried for several months, yet no conclusion from the local authorities, including the ministries of finance, industry and public security, has been made to this point.