Outstanding foreign firms highlighted for Vietnam's agriculture and rural development

By Quynh Chi - Nov 11, 2018 | 06:49 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERNotable foreign enterprises in farming industry such as C.P, Cargill, Guyomarc'h were among 53 enterprises in Vietnam granted award titled 'the Business dedicated to Farmers' by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Outstanding foreign firms highlighted for Vietnam's agriculture and rural development
53 agribusinesses were awarded thanks to their contribution to Vietnam's agriculture and rural development.

These enterprises have been taking the leading role in restructuring the agricultural sector over the past five years, resulting in the development of clean, organic and high-tech agriculture.

In the past half decade, agriculture has grown at a rate of 2.55 per cent annually, with an average export turnover of $31.5 billion per year, more than double the average of the previous five years. Labor productivity increased by nearly $430 per labor from 2012, doubling the target.

Notably, amongst these 53 leading companies, some foreign enterprises such as C.P Vietnam (Thailand), Cargill Vietnam (USA), Guyomarc'h Vietnam (France) were honored. They have been investing in Vietnam for a long time and have positively contributed to the development of Vietnamese agriculture.

Sharing with TheLEADER, General Manager of C.P Vietnam Montri Suwanposri stated that Vietnamese farmers are hard-working, diligent and actively explore new ways to develop their production. Previously they mainly produced in small scale and spontaneously but now they are trying to connect with enterprises for support.

This is also a trend in Vietnam’s livestock industry, thus meeting the need for livestock breeding for this rapid transition which is still a challenge because it requires not only funding but also time.

According to Montri, smallholder livestock producers themselves cannot produce and supply livestock breeds to meet this new requirement.

After 25 years coming into Vietnam, C.P Vietnam, along with many others, has been well performing the role of a backbone in the development of linkages in husbandry and aquaculture.

Foreign enterprises in Vietnam granted Business for Farmers award
General Manager of C.P Vietnam Montri Suwanposri.

According to the leader of C.P Vietnam, the company invests in breeds, feeds, veterinary drugs, guides farmers to implement the technical process of breeding and supports them in product consumption. Meanwhile, farmers would invest in breeding facilities and cooperate with C.P Vietnam.

“Co-operative arrangements are based on co-production agreement or farm leases,” said Montri.

This form of linkage has been applied in dozens of countries around the world. In Vietnam, C.P has cooperated with over 3,000 farmers and created about 400,000 jobs.

This model has been used effectively for many years, bringing high profit to farmers with nearly 300,000 tons of meat being provided to the market annually.

According to C.P Vietnam leader, a chain of feed mills, livestock breed production plant across the country has been built. Food distribution and processing are also conducted under the 3F model (Feed - Farm - Food) which ensure the quality and origin of food from farms to dining tables.

In addition to honoring 53 agribusinesses, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has also awarded certificates of merit to 20 prominent farmers who have greatly contributed to the restructuring of agriculture and rural development.

45 individuals and groups of authors having excellent products were also granted Vietnam Golden Rice Award. These products have been acknowledged in production, contributing to the success of agricultural restructuring.