More European companies expand investment in Vietnam

By Minh Khoi - Jan 31, 2022 | 09:08 AM GMT+7

TheLEADER43 per cent of European companies in Vietnam plan to increase their investment in the first quarter of 2022, 2.5 times as high as the figure of the third quarter of 2021.

European companies ended 2021 more positive and optimistic about Vietnam’s trade and investment environment, according to the Business Climate Index (BCI) from the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham).

The BCI reached the highest point following the fourth wave, with positive sentiment reaching 61 points. That represents a jump of 42 points since quarter three of 2021, with business leaders welcoming the end of lockdowns and the re-opening of normal commercial operations.

The index remains below its pre-pandemic peak. However, it is clear evidence that confidence is returning to the market.

Business Climate Index.

Nearly 60 per cent of European business leaders are now anticipating economic stabilization and growth in quarter one of 2022, representing an eight-point rise in optimism. Meanwhile, less than one-in-five (17%) now predict a deterioration – a figure which has almost halved since the previous BCI.

They are also more confident about the prospects of their own enterprises in this post-pandemic ‘new normal’.

Therefore, 43 per cent plan to increase their investment in the first quarter of 2022, compared to just 17 per cent of three months ago. Likewise, more than one-third (38.5 per cent) intend to increase their headcount, while over half (51.5 per cent) are predicting a rise in orders and revenue.

EuroCham chairman Alain Cany commented these latest figures are a vote of confidence in Vietnam’s trade and investment environment when the pandemic is back under control, as well as in the government’s clear direction that we learn to live with the virus.

Business leaders welcome the return to life as normal and business as usual, and in particular the easing of entrance requirements for vaccinated foreigners who live and work here.

“Almost 90 per cent of our member companies reported that previous restrictions had an impact on their commercial operations. So, this new regulation will help to improve the business environment and increase the confidence of business leaders still further,” said he.

Thue Quist Thomasen, CEO of YouGov Vietnam, added the data shows that confidence and optimism are returning as companies get back to work. European business leaders are planning to increase their staffing levels, investment plans, and revenues as a result now that the pandemic is back under control.

“The challenge now is to capitalise on this positive sentiment and ensure that enterprises in all sectors and industries can operate to their full potential. In doing so, European businesses will be able to make their greatest possible contribution to Vietnam’s economic growth in 2022,” he stressed.

Alain Cany noted that some sectors remain at risk of falling behind in the race to recover post-pandemic. Tourism, one of Vietnam’s spearhead economic sectors and one which is responsible for millions of jobs, remains restricted to guided tours, and this is keeping the brakes on economic growth.

Therefore, he suggested Vietnam go further and faster in re-opening, at least in areas with high vaccination rates, so that the country can achieve its full potential as a leader in this, and other industries and attract more foreign investment in 2022.