IAR appoints SH Consulting as a distributor in Vietnam

By Tung Anh - Jul 05, 2023 | 08:00 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERTheir partnership will allow IAR and SH Consulting to provide software development tools and services to the growing automotive industry in Vietnam.

IAR appoints SH Consulting as a distributor in Vietnam
Kiyo Uemura, Area Vice President of IAR in APAC.

Vietnamis a growing market in the automotive industry, with companies such as VinFast,Thaco, Hyundai Thanh Cong, Toyota Vietnam, Honda Vietnam, and Ford Vietnammaking significant strides. 

IAR, a world-leading software, and services for embedded development provider, sees that it isessential to have the right technology and expertise to keep pace with thecompetition as the industry rapidly grows and evolves. 

Toensure the high growth of the Southeast Asian market, the company appoints SH Consulting as its representative in Vietnam. 

“IARhas a long history of providing solutions specifically designed for theautomotive industry, and together with SH Consulting’s expertise, we have highhopes of cultivating the Vietnamese automotive ecosystem at this crucial time," saysKiyo Uemura, area vice president of IAR in APAC. 

Southeast Asia, a region of over 675 million in population, is witnessing an overall economic growth rate higher than the global average, becoming one of the major driving forces of world economic development. For Vietnam, the government has been actively pushing new policies and programs to increase competitiveness, especially in telecommunications, information technology, and automation. 

For instance, Vietnam’s automobile market could reach around 900,000 units by 2025, and around 1.8 million vehicles by 2030 due to rising average income. Furthermore, the country’s Internet of Things and Embedded Systems industry also holds immense potential, expected to create a high demand for millions of skilled engineers and professionals over the next two decades.

With IAR's language tools, developers can create robust and reliable software for embedded systems, ensuring that the software meets the strict safety and quality standards required for automotive applications. These tools can help streamline the development process while improving the overall reliability and safety of the software.

“With the recent announcement of VinFast raising USD2.5 billion of finance to manufacture EVs for the U.S. market, we believe that our partnership with IAR will play a critical role in supporting the growth of the automotive industry in Vietnam,” says HuynhVu Hoan, CEO of SH Consulting Vietnam.