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Vietnam's hotels suffer huge damage from coronavirus

Due to the new ban on international travelers and rising concerns domestically, hotel occupancy in the first three weeks of March dropped dramatically to a single digit in many destinations within Vietnam.

BIM Land gets $50 million from foreign lenders

BIM Land now get up to $137 million in financing from IFC and Credit Suisse.

Foreign investors seek to acquire operating hotel assets

Domestic investors demand on hotel investments has been growing in recent years, bringing fierce competition with foreign ones.

TUI Group sees Hoi An as perfect destination for cultural tourism

Vietnam is an attractive destination for holidaymakers from Europe and Asia and Hoi An is just the right place to start off when they first come to the country.

ICC-Kajima announces main contractor for Wínk Saigon Center hotel

Indochina Kajima Development Limited (ICC-Kajima) has appointed Newtecons as the contractor for the main package of the first Wínk Hotel at 75 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Ho Chi Minh City.

Technology optimizing personal way of customer services in hospitality industry

Guests can now use technology to facilitate their journey before, during and after staying at the hotel.

Muong Thanh eagle flying high

Le Thi Hoang Yen has developed Muong Thanh into Vietnam's leading private hospitality corporation at an incredible speed.

Wyndham to run two gold-plated hotels in Hanoi and Hoi An

Hoi An Golden Sea and Hanoi Golden Lake will open their doors by late 2019 and 2020.

Azerai readies debut of second hotel in Vietnam

Azerai, an emerging hospitality group led by hotelier Adrian Zecha, is planting another flag in the former imperial capital of Vietnam.

Accor reveals aggressive hotel network expansion in Vietnam

The largest international hotel operator in Vietnam has just set out an ambitious plan to add 18 hotels with more than 5,800 rooms over the next two years.

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