High hopes for TheLEADER as a prestigious online newspaper for business leaders

Board of Editors - Jun 27, 2017 | 03:00 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERTheLEADER should set the goal to amplify the voice of business leaders, and gain the power to frame the policies as in developed countries.

High hopes for TheLEADER as a prestigious online newspaper for business leaders
TheLEADER is expected to be the voice of business leaders. Photo: TheLEADER

Established in July 2007, Vietnam Association of Corporate Directors (VACD) set the aims and objectives “for a better administration”. In particular, the Association wants to sharpen management skills for corporate leaders; create a forum for sharing local and global business management experience; protect legal rights and benefits of enterprises; and propose appropriate adjustments to government’s policies on business management.

Since then, in the context of global economic integration process and rapid development of private corporate sector, the Association have persistently pursued these goals and helped accelerate that process with numerous practical actions. More than 1.500 enterprises members have assembled and developed under the Association, with famous Chief Human Resources Officers (VNHR), Chief Sales and Marketing Officers (CSMO) and Chief Finance Officers (CFO) clubs.

In celebration of 10 years’ forming and development of VACD (July 4th, 2007 – July 4th, 2017), online newspaper TheLEADER, the mouthpiece of VACD in the licensing process, held an online conference in the presence of VACD leaders and unit members. The conference took place at 10am on June 21st morning, focusing on VACD and its strategies “For a better business administration: 10 years – looking back and looking forward”.


The guest speakers included:

- Dr. Han Manh Tien – President of VACD, Director of the Institute for Training & Research of Management (VIM)

- Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan – Vice President of VACD, President of Long Bien Corporation

- Mr. Bui Quy Phong – Member of the Executive Committee of VACD, Vice President of Chief Sales and Marketing Officers Club, Director of A Chau Branding Promotion Company Limited

The detailed content of the talk show:

High hopes for TheLEADER to become a pretigious online newspaper for business leaders

Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong, Editor-in-chief of TheLEADER:

TheLEADER covers 3 aspects: business, market, and socio-economic topics, all of which are investigated from the perspective of leaders. The content focuses on collecting ideas of experts, inside stories of corporate leaders coming from their management experience, which help improve business management skills and governance.

TheLEADER releases fresh columns about real estate, finance, 247 highlights,… in diverse formats: text, videos, infographic products,... Besides, TheLEADER has also got the publication license for “Leaders’ Café” social network to connect 3 clubs of VACD and the community. Through this channel, a large number of readers would follow and help the editorial board explore various thought-provoking topics.

As a matter of fact, nowadays, economic newspaper tends to attract fewer readers, so TheLEADER focuses on building a brand image and forging connections between the community and business people. To achieve this target, after being published, TheLEADER will hold “Leaders’ Cafe” weekly, online conference monthly, conferences twice a year, and awarding events annually.

Moreover, TheLEADER also published an English version on the foundation of Vietnamese version to extend its influence to international leaders.

Dr. Han Manh Tien, President of VACD:

VACD Leaders appreciate the great efforts of the editorial board in preparation for TheLEADER’s publication for the last 8 months.

VACD aims at improving management skills for Vietnamese leaders. I hope TheLEADER can become a powerful tool for us; VACD will not hesitate to satisfy its requirements. In the meantime, VACD is pursuing the license process for a national award named “A Representative of Business Managers”. This event will be held annually to connect leaders and acknowledge their contribution.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan, Vice President of VACD, President of Long Bien Corporation

TheLEADER should set the goal to amplify the voice of business leaders, and gain the power to frame the policies as in developed countries. The board of editors should seek for fresh ideas in attracting more experts on different fields to contribute into TheLEADER’s content.

One of the problems that our leaders have to encounter is the ignorance of law, which sends hundreds of potential corporation leaders to prison every year. Recently, National Assembly have just passed adjustments to the Penal Code, so a special column of legal advice for business leaders.

Be serious and responsible for paid content

Mr. Bui Quy Phong – Director of A Chau Branding Promotion Company Limited

In the context that no one and nothing can survive alone, I expect TheLEADER could act as a useful communication tool that well co-operates with CSMO. It is a win-win situation that would benefits both sides in such a competitive environment.

Nowadays, the rapid expansion of social media has threatened the throne of journalism. The huge challenge for newspaper is the content. Similar to numerous famous newspaper and journals in the world, TheLEADER should consider producing paid information and columns, which is also a way to increase its competitive edge and responsible attitude.

CSMO club expressed its desire to have a signing ceremony to have TheLEADER as its official communication organ in various events. It is also another way to create attractive topics for the newspaper.

Ms. Pham Minh Tan, Expert at Enterprise Administration

In terms of business, I sincerely admire enterprises in Vietnam for having managed to greatly succeed in an environment seriously lacking a legal framework as Vietnam.

We aim at becoming global citizens owning multinational companies. Nowadays, starting an enterprise in the US is not difficult, but the chance of success is thin. Numerous corporations in Vietnam satisfy the requirements for having a “green card” to develop itself in the US, but the lack of transparency in financial accounting has prevented them from further development.