'Disneyland' amusement park project was approved in Bac Ninh province

By Ngoc Anh - Jul 19, 2018 | 12:05 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERA large scale amusement park project with 'Disneyland' theme was approved and deployed in a Decision just signed by a highly ranking official of Bac Ninh province.

'Disneyland' amusement park project was approved in Bac Ninh province
The amusement park in this project will follow the theme of Disneyland

Nguyen Tien Nhuong, Vice President of Bac Ninh Province People's Committee has just signed the Decision No. 1131/QD-UBND approving the zoning plan with a scale of 1/2000 of the urban area, tourism area, ecological tourism, culture zone, resort and entertainment in Tien Du district, Tu Son town, Bac Ninh province.

In particular, the project will have a planning scope of about 1,600 hectares and the planned area of about 1,400 hectares together with an estimated population of about 80,000 people including the current population of Phu Lam, Noi Due, Tuong Giang, Tam Son and Lim towns.

The project location is around 30 kilometres in the north far from Hanoi city.

Accordingly, the boundary of the zoning plan will be in the areas of the following communes and towns: Tuong Giang, Tam Son (Tu Son town); Lim, Noi Due, Phu Lam (Tien Du district).

 As part of the project, current residential areas are planned to be renovated and embellished.

With this project, a multi-functional urban area will be established, meeting the needs of socio-economic development and culture identity formation of the province.

Specifically, the urban area will be a multi-functional complex including central area with large square, public works, commercial and services centers, sport center, golf academy, health facility, high-class tourism services, etc.

Additionally, there will be park and amusement park following the theme of Disneyland and also following the symbols and cultural characteristics of Vietnam. There will also be housing area, agricultural and hi-tech agricultural research area as a part of this project. 

Bac Ninh Department of Construction has been asked to take lead in the project and at the same time coordinate with other relevant authorities of Tu Son town, People's Committee of Tien Du district to direct consultancy and sponsor units.

Furthermore, the Department will be responsible for the proposed contents assuring the unity of general planning, regional planning and specialized planning to guarantee the right proportion and structure of land use as well as other related contents in accordance with the requirements.

In 2016, an amusement park worth over $200 million following the theme of 'Disneyland' was also started to be built in Dong Anh district with a scale of over 100 hectares, meeting the standard an international park project.