Danang ready to pay 280 times of base salary to attract talents

By Mai Hanh - Aug 24, 2017 | 11:00 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe authority of Danang City announces they are willing to pay 80 to 280 times of base salary to attract talents to the city.

Danang ready to pay 280 times of base salary to attract talents
Danang is ready to pay 280 times of base salary to attract talents. Photo: Internet

Danang People’s Council has just adopted a resolution on development of high quality human resources in the public sector. The decision is aimed at recruiting highly qualified staff for the city.

The city’s targeted candidates are expert- and management-level individuals who makes a commitment to work in a long term for the city government. Depending on their educational backgrounds (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctorate) and establishments (in Viet Nam or abroad), strong candidates are eligible for special payments of different levels, up to 280 times of base salary.

Graduates from Top 200 universities could be paid up to 280 times of base salary. Photo: Internet

The highest payment of 280 times of base salary are offered to holders of doctorates (Ph.D.) awarded by the world’s top 200 educational institutions.

In order to appeal talents for hard-to-fill positions, Danang uses another inviting tool: extra financial support not exceeding 200 times of base salary. Those who struggle to find permanent accommodation will also be considered for apartment rental and 10 to 15 year preferential loans to purchase social housing.

Danang also agrees to sign short-term contracts with experts, offering appropriate payments, and support for accommodation and travel.

Danang is the most "worth-living" in Viet Nam. Photo: Internet

The city is long known for their innovative strategies to attract talents for the city. One of them is to provide scholarships worth thousands of US dollars each for potential students to study abroad. They then are required to come back and serve the city.

Danang is considered the most “worth-living” city in Viet Nam due to its friendly environment for people and businesses, reasonable costs of living, beautiful beaches and etc. With its appealing offers to attract talents, Da Nang will soon become a hub of talents as well.