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FLC Group plans to increase Bamboo Airways' charter capital to $56.4 million

According to the recent resolution of FLC Group’s Board of Directors, the Group plans to increase Bamboo Airways' charter capital by $26 million, an increase from $30.4 million to $56.4 million.

The largest private luxury hotel chain in Vietnam suffered severe losses

Besides suffering losses in its hotel business over the years, Muong Thanh Hospitality also has to deal with several legal issues, mainly from the construction of high-end apartments.

T&T Group proposes divesting $6.5 million from Central Transport Hospital

T&T Group has recently proposed divesting all of its capital from the Central Transport Hospital, expecting the State to repurchase nearly 8.64 million shares.

Viettel Global pioneers telecom companies to list on bourse

Upon the listing of Viettel Global shares on UPCOM, commonly known as Unlisted Public Company Market, the company will become the only telecom company in the current Vietnam stock market.

VRG's IPO severely suffers from investors’ indifference

Although the registration for IPO of the Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) has expired, only 100,772,400 shares, equaling 21 per cent of the total shares on offer, were registered for acquisition, according to Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE).

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