Bphone 2 does not have available product for sale?

By Kieu Mai - Aug 23, 2017 | 07:01 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERDespite being officially launched on 19 August, "Made in Vietnam" smartphone - Bphone 2 has not appeared yet.

Bphone 2 does not have available product for sale?
BPhone 2 (Photo: Internet)

BKAV has cooperated with Vietnam’s largest retail system with the hope that consumers can reach product more easily and quickly. However, everything did not go as Bkav's plans and expectations of customers.

Talking to TheLEADER, Dang Thanh Phong, Communications Manager of The Mobile World JSC, said that customers who need to buy Bphone 2 phone must pay a deposit in advance. BKAV will then transfer this smartphone to the customers.

There are already 700 orders for BKAV's Bphone 2 via the Mobile World JSC’s system, Phong said.

The fact that Bphone 2 lack of available products in the system is causing many difficulties for sales and limiting the transaction of the product.

Speaking of Bphone’s prospects, many experts do not seem to put too much expectation. Nguyen Thang, President of Valuelnvest, former President of Herbalife Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia said: “There is no unique thing in Bphone 2”. According to Thang, Bphone may fail due to wrong marketing strategy as well as a bit ambiguous “Value” slogan.

Moreover, according to Pham Phu Truong, CEO of GIBC, BPhone 2 will face significant challenges when competing with other names such as Apple, Samsung that are positioned in the global market as well as in Vietnam. In that competition, Bphone 2 is believed to receive failure.