Binh Dinh’s first safe vegetable brand launched with New Zealand’s support

Trang Nguyen - Jul 08, 2019 | 10:49 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe high quality VietGAP-certified vegetable brand, La Lanh, has officially launched at Big C supermarket in Quy Nhon on July 6.

Binh Dinh’s first safe vegetable brand launched with New Zealand’s support
La Lanh-branded produce is available at Big C Quy Nhon

La Lanh vegetables are sustainably produced by local farmers under the Binh Dinh Safe Vegetables Project (BDSV), funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme.

In 2016, New Zealand began a 5-year NZ$5.6 million project in Binh Dinh province aimed at increasing farmers’ income and prosperity through improved production and agrichemical safety techniques training and quality marketing and branding.

The project has helped Binh Dinh farmers establish strong, market-led value chains in safe vegetables for both low-land and high-land areas, including ethnic minority communities. The high quality and safe vegetables, in turn, provide a benefit to the consumers in Binh Dinh, as well as the province’s fast-growing tourism market.

“To date, more than 500 households and 50 department staff of agriculture and rural development and extension authorities have benefited from the project’s activities. I believe the project will make a meaningful contribution to Binh Dinh province realising its vision of becoming nationally known as a trusted safe vegetable producer. This is a powerful initiative through which New Zealand is able to contribute its agricultural expertise to assist the development and growth of Vietnam’s fresh produce industry,” said New Zealand ambassador to Vietnam, H.E. Wendy Matthews.

According to Dr Michael Lay-Yee, programme director for BDSV, the launch of La Lanh safe vegetables is a significant achievement that brings together best practice in quality vegetable production and compelling branding.

“The development of La Lanh branded vegetables is the result of a huge effort by a wide range of teams with scientific, developmentand market expertise, both local and from New Zealand. It really has been a unique collaboration.”

La Lanh-branded produce is available at Big C Quy Nhon at the present, with a network of other outlets expected to stock the brand’s items in the near future, making guaranteed quality and safe fresh produce available to more consumers in the area.

In Vietnam, New Zealand provides support in the areas of agriculture, knowledge and skills, and disaster risk management. Total investment for the 2018-2021 period at at approximately NZD $26.7 million.

New Zealand has a strong connection with the people of Binh Dinh. For decades New Zealand medical professionals have provided volunteer services, working closely with the Department of Health for Binh Dinh.

In 2016, the New Zealand Embassy provided humanitarian aid, totalling NZD$250,000, to communities in Binh Dinh affected by five severe flooding events from October to late December.