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Japanese fashion giant Uniqlo comes to Vietnam

A wholly foreign invested joint venture is soon to be established between Fast Retailing, the Uniqlo's owner which holds 70 per cent stake and Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan's largest trading company with 25 per cent stake.

Earning millions of dollars, H&M and Zara set firm foothold in Vietnam

According to Zara's sales report, its revenue in Vietnam in first half of this year reached around $41 million, which is double the figure in 2017.

Zara and H&M in race to offer up to 50 per cent off

As the Christmas and New Year are coming to a close, the fashion brands including two famous brands namely Zara or H & M started the race to offer up to 50 per cent off.

The world's largest fashion retailer Zara opens its first store in Hanoi

On November 9th, the world's largest fashion retailer Zara (Zara) attracted thousands of customers to the grand opening of its first store in Hanoi.

Vietnam fashion industry draws precious lessons from Zara and H&M

The participation of Zara and H&M in Vietnam fashion market will provide precious lessons to the domestic fashion brands in the long run.

Vietnamese fashion brands struggle to survive after the blooming of Zara and H&M

In order to survive, Vietnamese fashion brands must carefully formulate strategies and business operation modes, creating confidence and attraction amongst consumers in the context that international rivals like Zara and H&M are blooming in Vietnam.

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