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WB intensifies to support Vietnam in natural disaster management

It is essential for Vietnam, whose economy detrimentally impacted by natural disaster to have better risk mitigation mechanisms and plans which will be supported by the World Bank and other international institutions.

World Bank continues co-operating with Vietnam in transportation infrastructure projects

According to World Bank's Lead Economist for Vietnam Sebastian Eckardt, Vietnam should recognize that the fiscal space for investment is limited and therefore prioritize the important projects.

Vietnam's high public expenditure posing fiscal challenges

The Government of Vietnam and the World Bank released the report "Vietnam Public Expenditure Review: Fiscal Policy towards Sustainability, Efficiency and Equity" on October 3 in Hanoi.

World Bank's US$4 billion loans for Vietnam for FY18-20

At the launching workshop on the Country Partnership Framework (CPF) with Vietnam on September 14, the World Bank (WB) announced its US$4 billion preferential loans for Vietnam during the financial year (FY)18-20.

Vietnam can benefit more from global value chains: World Bank report

Higher value added activities and boosting linkages between domestic firms with foreign markets and investors can help Vietnam move up global value chains, says two new World Bank Group reports.

WB: The ratio of public debt to GDP of Vietnam estimated at 63.7%

The ratio of public debt to GDP of Vietnam was estimated at 63.7% by the end of 2016, according to the World Bank.

WB optimistic of Vietnamese economic outlook

Vietnam's medium-term outlook remains positive, with GDP growth expected to increase slightly to 6.3% in 2017 - The World Bank (WB) said in a report on Vietnam's economic development published on July 13.

World Bank Financing to Bolster Vietnam's Efforts to Spur Rural Development

Vietnam’s National Target Programs (NTPs), which aims at reducing poverty of ethnic minorities in 18 provinces, has just been funded US$153 million from World Bank.

World Bank says trade, manufacturing to boost 2017 global growth

The World Bank has maintained its forecast that global growth will improve to 2.7 percent this year, citing a pickup in manufacturing and trade, improved market confidence and a recovery in commodity prices.

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