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Eco-design for circular economy

Hoang Duc Vuong, head of the Recycled Plastics Unit at the Vietnam Plastics Association, stresses that in a good circular economy model, the design of product packaging must be suitable for the goals of collection and recycling, not only in treatmeant progress.

Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam outperformed its rival Coca-Cola, doubling revenue

After being raised doubts over the price transfer, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam has recorded an impressive business delivery of over $150 million in net profit in recent years.

Suntory Pepsico Vietnam CEO: Four key formulas and five principles for effective cooperation

Having engaged 16 years with the Pepsico brand in India, China, Thailand, Dubai..., the job has brought Uday Shankar Sinha - CEO of Suntory Pepsico Vietnam to 25 countries and many multicultural experiences.

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