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Habeco experiencing ups and downs to transform itself on the uptrend

Product diversification and distribution system expansion will be the main focus of Habeco in the near future, only when these matters are resolved, the company may have a chance to rise in the brewery industry.

Habeco lost market shares due to sluggish State capital divestment

The longer time the State capital divestment takes, the greater the risk of competition for Habeco is, especially when their business results are showing signs of deterioration, gradually being left behind by other competitors such as Sabeco and Heineken in the war of gaining market share.

Giant wine foreign company Diageo trapped between lines in unprofitable deal named Halico

The UK’s Diageo wanted to enter Vietnam alcohol market through a well-know domestic company but a lot of things have not gone as its plan.

Carlsberg takes its preemtive right to become Habeco’s largest stakeholder

The Danish brewery Carlsberg currently holds a 17.3 per cent stake in Habeco, one of Vietnam's biggest brewers based in Hanoi, and has a preemptive right to buy Habeco shares when the government divests its stake in the company.

Capital divestment at Vietnam's top brewers Sabeco and Habeco undergoes pressure

In case of slow capital divestment at the Sabeco and Habeco, which are the State's largest brewers, the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) is likely to hold the acting ownership of the two breweries.

Sabeco and Habeco spent millions of dollars on advertisements in the first half of 2017

In the increasingly fierce competition among brewers, the two Vietnamese leading brewers, Habeco and Sabeco have spent millions of dollars on advertisements, which is considered a critical factor to gain market share.

Foreign brewers are heating up local alluring beer market

With the total consumption of about 3.78 billion liters of beer in 2016, Viet Nam is considered as "the next key battleground of foreign brewers”. The divestment at the State’s two largest domestic beer companies leaves “wide open” door for foreign rivals and that a Taiwan brewer plans to enter Viet Nam’s market heats up the competition.

SCIC divests its 48.33 million of shares at Vinamilk worth US$307 million

In a press conference held on August 04, the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) announced its plan to sell 48.33 million of shares, equivalent to 3.33 per cent of charter capital at Vinamilk Joint-Stock Company (Vinamilk) in next October.

Australia's leading brewery desires to acquire stakes of Sabeco and Habeco

The Australia headquartered Carlton & United Breweries (CBU) has expressed its desires to acquire stakes at Vietnamese leading beer producers, a move to integrate in Vietnam's promising market.

State to divest capital from two largest domestic breweries

After the slow divestment process of Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (Sabeco) and Hanoi Beer, Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (Habeco) in the end of 2016, Ministry of Industry and Trade assured that the stake sales would be complete in this year.

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