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The partner of Samsung, Apple and Sony will assemble Bphone 3

Japan’s Meiko Electronics, Bkav’s partner in producing Bphone 2, was recently selected to manufacture Bphone 3.

Way for Vietnamese smartphone brands to gain a niche on home market

In the domination of foreign manufacturers in smartphone market, Vietnamese companies, including some that are new to the sector, must find best way to enter.

Bphone and its pity

It is unbelievable for a company that writes anti-virus software can make high-level smartphones and it's even more unbelievable to say that this product's quality is as high as the iPhone.

Bphone after 8 years of over US$20 million investment: No profit but huge ambition

Despite having gained no profit after 8 years and spent up to VND500 billion (roughly US$22.28 million) investing in Bphone, CEO of Bkav, the leading firm in network security, software, smartphone manufacturing and smart home, Nguyen Tu Quang still believes in its ambition and mission.

Can Bphone stand on a tough smartphone market?

A locally produced made-in-Vietnam smartphone branded Bphone 2 is officially distributed through the Mobile World's JSC sales system at a retail price tag of VND9,789,000 (roughly US$431).

Bphone2 and the Smartphone War

In the war amongst current smartphone brands, customers hold the key.

A local electronic firm leading Vietnamese TV brands joins smartphone market to follow Bphone

The first smartphone of Asanzo, a Vietnamese electronics joint stock company who is famous for manufacturing TV in Vietnam, will officially appear on the market on August 15.

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