70-storey Building is proposed to be built at Hanoi railway station

By Minh Anh - Sep 18, 2017 | 10:24 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERHa Noi People’s Committee sent its request in writing to the ministries for views on the planning of Hanoi railway station area. Accordingly, Ha Noi railway station are will be planned for construction of financial centers, urban resorts ... with buildings having from 40 to 70 stories.

70-storey Building is proposed to be built at Hanoi railway station
Ha Noi railway station. Photo: Dan Tri

The urban zoning planning for Hanoi railway station and surrounding areas is prepared by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture in consultation with Japan-based Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering Ltd (NSC). 

The planned area will belong to the administrative boundaries of districts including Dong Da district (wards of Van Mieu, Quoc Tu Giam, Hang Bot, Van Chuong, Kham Thien), Hoan Kiem district (Cua Nam ward), Ba Dinh district (Dien Bien ward) and Hai Ba Trung district (Nguyen Du ward).

The planned area has a total area of 98.1ha and an estimated population of 44,000 people. Total investment capital is estimated at VND23,800 billion (equivalent to US$1.013 billion).

The planning aims to rearrange the functions of land use towards low density, create more urban open space and supplement social and technical infrastructures serving the residents. Accordingly, the planning outlines nine functional spatial zones as follows:

Low-rise cultural zone, financial zone and buildings having from 40-70 stories will be located in the north of the planned area; the media zone having from 40 to 70 stories and park will be located in the east of the planned area; international trade zone and the new lifestyle zone having from 40-60 stories will be located in in the Southwest of the planned area; The 40 to 60-storey urban resorts and the 40 to 70-storey railway stations will be located in the center of the planned area.

In addition, the prominent work with the maximum height of 100 to 200 meters will be located in one of three directions including in the Northwest, Southeast and South of Linh Quang lake. Ha Noi People's Committee proposed to construct the prominent 200m-work in the northwest of Linh Quang Lake.

Furthermore, according to the planning scheme, Hanoi railway station will be rebuilt to function as a central and international railway station and multi-modal transportation center that includes the road and rail network… in Ha Noi and to develop the underground space.