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Unexpected consequences of land fever in special economic zones

The land fever in special economic zones may put investors at risks, cause problems for land clearance, and even reduce the appeal of those zones to strategic investors.

New land incentive policies in special economic zones still scratched at different thresholds

There are many updates related to land incentive policies in the latest report of the National Assembly Law Committee on revising the draft law of Special Administrative-Economic Units (SEUs).

Dang Hung Vo: "The law of the Special Economic Zones only need not to violate the Vietnam's Constitution"

Former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment said that the allocation of land to investors in the special economic zones (SEZs) with a longer period of time will create more valuable real estates.

"Special" model of local government and competition amid special economic zones highlighted in agenda

Two options for establishment of the organization model of local government based on the draft Law on Special Administrative-Economic Units (hereinafter referred to as special economic zones - SEZs), were submitted to the National Assembly for review, thereby provoking controversy.

Land ownership for 99 years in SEZs draft law provoked controversies

Preferential policies related to land, land-attached assets in the draft Law on Special Administrative-Economic Units (hereinafter referred to as special economic zones - SEZs) has provoked different controversies.

Vietnam still lacks world-class casino managers

According to Global Integration Business Consultants Company (GIBC)'s General Director Pham Phu Truong, investing US$2 billion on casinos in an environment lacking amenity infrastructure as Vietnam would be risky.

Former Deputy PM Vu Khoan: 'Inappropriate thinking model leads to uncompleted special economic zones after 30 years'

Former Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan stated that Vietnam’s current thinking model is an inverted pyramid. The topmost thinking takes up too much time while the longer we think, the more we will lag behind.

Special economic zones development needs to be accelerated

According to Tran Duy Dong, Director General of the Ministry of Planning and Investment's Economic Zones Management Department, it must be more determined in developing the special economic zones (SEZs) with experiences being drawn during the progress. If there is no action, no result would be produced.

Leak out three billion-dollar casinos in Phu Quoc, Van Don and Bac Van Phong SEZs

Sun Group will invest in a high-end tourism complex, which can operate a casino, at Van Don with a total area of ​​2,500 hectares and the total investment of over US$2 billion, of which about US$312.5 million comes from the investors.

Portrait of “giants” pouring money into Bac Van Phong special administrative - economic zone

Numerous local and global big names are standing behind the veil of Bac Van Phong (Northern Van Phong) special administrative - economic zone with billion-dollar projects.

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