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Visa exemption means international tourists can visit Phu Quoc for up to 30 days

Phu Quoc Island is an ideal choice for travel and long-term relaxation, with a complete visa exemption policy for international visitors, a temporary stay of up to 30 days, a populous and rich nature, and impressive architecture.

Vietnam halts issue of visas to foreign visitors to fight coronavirus

The government of Vietnam has decided to temporarily suspend the issue of new visas to all foreign visitors for 30 days, applicable since March 18.

Vietnam suspends visa-waiver program to South Korea due to Covid-19 spreading

South Korean citizens who want to enter Vietnam will have to obtain a suitable visa type issued by Vietnam.

Vietnam shows effective control of coronavirus outbreak

15 out of 16 cases have fully recovered and discharged from hospitals.

Finding ways to improve allure for central regions' tourism

The Central Coast and Central Highlands still lack international amusement parks, night entertainment services, art shows or casinos in order to beef up its tourism development.

PM approves renewal of visa exemptions for five European nations

The visa-free policy that is applicable to German, French, British, Italian and Spanish would be renewed from the first day of July 2018 for a three-year period.

‘Growth of Vietnam tourism would experience a slowdown without visa exemption’

If there are stricter visa regulations, the growth of Vietnam’s tourism would be slow down, according to deputy head of mission at the British embassy in Vietnam Steph Lysaght.

Visa: The bottleneck for Vietnam tourism’s objectives

If the obstacles in visa-related issue are not removed, Vietnam’s objective to develop its tourism into the key economic sector by 2020 could not be realized, according to Vietstar Airlines Deputy General Director Luong Hoai Nam.

Visa exemption: A bold act to gain long term benefit from European visitors

A lot of experts and local tourism enterprises estimate that visa exemption for foreign visitors to Vietnam will help promote this industry and create a sustainable growth.

Visa policy and brand building identified as detriments to hinder tourism speed

Vietnam ranks 28th in the world for its favourable conditions for tourism development. However, it is still stuck at number 113 for its policies and number 111 for its tourism service system.

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