Vinamilk opens 'dairy resort' in Tay Ninh province

By Lam Giang - Mar 29, 2019 | 10:35 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe country's biggest milk production company has invested $50 million to develop the dairy farm.

Vinamilk opens 'dairy resort' in Tay Ninh province
The new home to over 8,000 dairy cows and calves.

Vinamilk has inaugurated the country's biggest single dairy farm in southern province of Tay Ninh. 

The farm is built on a total area of 685 hectares in Long Khanh commune, Ben Cau district and will be able to raise 8,000 cows and calves. 

The farm is part of Vinamilk's largest Global G.A.P-standard farm system, which pioneers in comprehensively applying technology advancement in farm management and dairy farming.

Vinamilk Resort for dairy cows opened in Tay Ninh
The herd enjoy a resort-like atmosphere with nine cooling ponds and 500-hectare ranches.

Tay Ninh has a hot and dry climate and the dry season lasts many months of the year. To overcome this disadvantage and satisfy the Global G.A.P standard of dairy farming, Vinamilk has designed a system of cooling reservoirs and a modern automatic cooling system in the barn area.

Vinamilk Tay Ninh farm also meets the Global G.A.P standard in farm management and fresh milk quality. Currently, raw milk production of the farm has reached more than 100,000 litres of milk per day, equivalent to nearly 40 million litres per year.

The office area is designed to float on the 3.7-hectare lake surface, including guesthouses, bars, entertainment and sports areas for employees, foreign experts and visitors to the farm.

Vinamilk Tay Ninh farm has adopted the 4.0 digital advancements from the input to the output. It use modern technologies from America, Japan and Europe to ensure good health, high milk yield and best milk quality.

Vinamilk Resort for dairy cows opened in Tay Ninh 3
Over 300 employees and experts are taking care of the herd.

Vinamilk has so far built a system of 12 farms across the country, including 10 farms built under the Global G.A.P standard.

The Tay Ninh farm has raised the total herd of the company to approximately 130,000 dairy cows, with an output of nearly 1 million litres of raw milk per day.

Vinamilk Resort for dairy cows opened in Tay Ninh 4
With the modern cooling system, the herd now can be comfortable in the environment which resembles their homeland.

It is expected that by 2020, Vinamilk’s total herd of dairy cows will increase to about 200,000, with raw milk output expected to nearly double, ensuring the supply of fresh milk products for millions of Vietnamese families.

In recent years, Vinamilk has continuously opened large-scale dairy farms. One of them is the No. 1 Farm of Vinamilk Thanh Hoa dairy farm complex, which can raise up to 20,000 cattle. This farm also takes care of the pure-bred A2 cow herd imported from the US and New Zealand that produce pure A2 milk.

Also, Vinamilk is about to complete the No. 2 Farm here to raise 4,000 cows. In March, Vinamilk imported more than 1,600 HF and A2 cows into this farm.

Vinamilk has started construction on Vinamilk Quang Ngai Dairy Farm that will be able to raise 4,000 dairy cows). In Laos, the company is building No. 1 organic dairy farm with a scale of 4,000 cattle in a complex of 5,000 hectares. Vinamilk is also negotiating with partners to invest in other ASEAN countries.