Vietnam Airlines & FPT sign strategic cooperation agreement

May 26, 2017 | 02:45 PM GMT+7

Three-year deal on mutual provision of products and services follows similar arrangement struck in 2013.

Vietnam Airlines & FPT sign strategic cooperation agreement
Vietnam Airlines and FPT Corporation Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony on May 25. Photo: TL

Vietnam Airlines and the FPT Group signed a three-year strategic cooperation agreement on May 25.

With four-star service quality, Vietnam Airlines will provide FPT with a wide range of convenient air transport services, including passenger, luggage, cargo and other services as required.

FPT, meanwhile, will provide Vietnam Airlines with its best IT products, services, and solutions, such as mobile devices, website development, e-commerce, cloud computing, security, big data, a hosting or data center, international and domestic transmission, internet services, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

The two will cooperate in R&D of IT products and services in the field of aviation based on cost sharing in capital investment, revenue, and licensing.

Mr. Duong Tri Thanh, CEO of Vietnam Airlines, told the signing ceremony that as a leading and pioneering company in innovation and having succeeded in applying modern technology, the carrier fully understands and attaches great importance to the role of IT in business operations. “Through the agreement with FPT, a highly qualified and experienced IT partner, we reaffirm our commitment to continuously improving the quality of our products and services to provide a better customer experience,” he said.

Mr. Bui Quang Ngoc, CEO of FPT, also affirmed that the two have had a time-honored and strong partnership since the 1990s. “In this next period of cooperation, FPT commits to continuing to invest resources, focusing on research solutions and services, to efficiently meet quality and schedule requirements that will help Vietnam Airlines,” he said.

Vietnam Airlines and FPT signed a three-year bilateral cooperation agreement in 2013 on providing their best services to each other, which had positive results.

With the goal of ensuring efficiency in technology investment and innovation, as well as improving management efficiency and quality service, saving costs, and ensuring safety and security in IT systems, Vietnam Airlines focuses on promoting and upgrading its comprehensive IT system as a foundation for development.

With experience in deploying large-scale IT solutions and infrastructure for most of Vietnam’s backbone industries and providing digital transformation services to large corporations globally, FPT focuses on investing in developing resources and R&D in new technologies-based IT solutions and services.

FPT has more than 28,000 employees, including over 12,000 IT developers, engineers, and specialists. It is now the Internet of Things (IoT) partner of General Electric and the cloud computing partner of Amazon Web Services.

Aviation is one of the important sectors in which FPT provides domain solutions. In the fourth industrial revolution, it has been focusing on investing in R&D of solutions and services based on core technologies in the revolution. It is also willing to provide digital transformation services to corporations in the field of aviation and others.