Vietjet aims to fly high in 2019

By Minh Thu - Apr 23, 2019 | 03:12 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe country's biggest private carrier continues expanding its international flight network.

Vietjet aims to fly high in 2019
In the next three years, Vietjet aims to maintain its leading position in the domestic transport field.

The fast-growing private airline has anticipated an increase in air transport revenue to $1.8 billion and profit to $165 million this year.

In order to achieve these goals which were approved by its recent general shareholders meeting, the Vietjet will bring more than 20 international routes into operation with the aim to carry nearly 28 million passengers this year.

The carrier last year earned $1.47 billion in revenue and $132 million in air transport, with increasing contribution from 66 international routes.

Vietjet claims it wants to increase its foreign currency collection through ticket sales which has been benefiting from lower fuel price in international markets as well as boosting sales of ancillary goods which bring high-profit margins.

In the next three years, Vietjet aims to maintain its leading position in the domestic air transport market, effectively expand international routes and consider investment opportunities in infrastructure.

Vietjet last year recorded high growth, transporting 23 million passengers and surpassing Vietnam Airlines to become the biggest carrier in the domestic market. Its before-tax profit, air transport and ancillary revenue all saw a 50 per cent increase.

Vietjet was rated 7 star in safety index, which is the highest level of airlines worldwide while ranked 22nd in the world’s Top 50 best airlines for healthy financing and operation.

Vietjet was the first company in the region to operate the new generation A321neo aircraft which could save up to 16 per cent fuel cost, contributing to lower operation costs this year.