T&T Group to redevelop Hang Day stadium at the cost of $307 million

By Binh An - Apr 09, 2018 | 01:49 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe group will team up with Bouygues Construction to build the new Hang Day stadium, which will be the headquarter of Hanoi Football Club.

T&T Group to redevelop Hang Day stadium at the cost of $307 million
The artist impression of Hang Day stadium

On the recent trip to France by General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong, T&T Group signed memorandum of understanding on construction of two big projects in Vietnam with Bouygues Construction. 

In particular, one is the metro connecting Hanoi centre with Son Tay town with the estimated length of 31.1km at the estimated cost of up to $1.7 billion. The other project is the drastic transformation of Hang Day stadium in the centre of Hanoi, which will cost $307 million.

Do Quang Hien, Chairman of T&T Group told local press that the Hang Day stadium has been severely deteriorated and a transformation is exactly what is required. This stadium can totally be redeveloped into a more contemporary and world class stadium with a great architecture, especially with the cooperation of Bouygues.

“It will not simply a football field but will include so many other function areas," he said, adding that the stadium would contain four basements, the second level being the football field with the rooftop grandstand that can contain over 20,000 people," Hien was quoted as saying.

"Additionally, the upper levels surrounding the rooftop grandstand are designed to become offices, shopping centre etc. creating a very modern stadium. The old state of the stadium will also be extended towards Cat Linh street, the land of Hanoi Authority of Planning and Investment,” said Hien.

Below are the images of the project design, the scale of the project of new Hang Day stadium provided by T&T Group.

The new modern Hang Day stadium, with four rooftop grandstand, just like Premier League football field.
The 2nd level of the stadium is designed to be a football field with four rooftop grandstand,which can contain up to 20,000 people.
The outlook of the stadium.
Besides the stadium, there are also operation centres, offices.
The football field at the 2nd level is placed above several service projects, culture like cinema, event centre or parking basement serving surrounded residents.
The scene outside of Hang Day stadium towards Trinh Hoai Duc street, designed to fill with convenient stores.

T&TGroup claims that with the expected design of this stadium, Hang Day stadium will surely become a more modernized stadium, reaching FIFA standards.