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Falling global trade trapped Vietnam in slowest output growth in August

Vietnam’s PMI has slumped to a six-month low in August due to slower client demand and US-China trade tensions restricting new orders and production, according to IHS Markit.

Vietnamese dong weakened amid China's devaluing of yuan

The weakened dong has come as part of the Chinese yuan devaluation in the previous day, with the reported devaluation of some 0.8 per cent year-to-date, which in turn partially benefiting local exporters but also worrying importers.

German Embassy Hanoi’s representative shared potential of Vietnamese - German cooperation

Vietnam should have a long-term project to convince the Vietnamese society that a certificate of vocational training is of the same value as an academic degree, recommended by Dr. Wolfgang Manig, Deputy Head of Mission and Economic Counsellor at the German Embassy in Hanoi.

Foreign investment inflows from China to Vietnam may loom

Trade war is opportunity to revise business models with China as Vietnam needs to be more flexible in making strategies to take advantage of US-China trade war, according to Professor Tung Bui.

Vietnam's largest pangasius exporter enjoys benefit of trade war

Export volume of Vinh Hoan can reach nearly 81,000 tons this year, up 4.8 per cent and an equivalent revenue of $413 million, up 6.7 per cent year over year.

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