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Smarter modern housing products expected to benefit Vietnam market

New apartments with diversified and unique amenities are increasing competition within the market, which is expected to be extremely beneficial to both consumers and the real estate market in Vietnam.

Market sentiment remains positive across all sectors of the economy: Savills

Vietnam continues attracting investment interest, and Ho Chi Minh City stands out on investors’ lists, guaranteeing best positions for investment and development prospects in Asia Pacific, according to statistics of major property deals just announced by Savills Vietnam.

Danang condo price surges to record high

Fast demand growth together with limited land fund are the main reasons for the price surges of luxury apartment segment in Danang city.

Three detonators behind the boom of Cam Ranh's real estate market

The real estate market in Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province has been heating up more than ever, whilst a lot of investors are finding destinations in this southern city.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City real estate markets experienced opposite trends

This is due to the difference in the investment purposes between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, according to Do Thu Hang, associate director of Research and Consulting at Savills Vietnam.

The tip of the iceberg 'securities lending'

State Bank Governor Le Minh Hung said that securities loans amount to VND10 trillion (US$441 million), adding “The proportion of securities lending is very low compared to the total credit loan, a sharp year-on-year decrease.”

Real estate in eastern Hanoi: Don’t dream of becoming a billionaire overnight

It is too soon to identify the eastern part of Hanoi as a blooming real estate market.

Vietnamese real estate enterprises ready to fairly compete with foreign investors

The draft law on special administrative-economic zones with mechanism and policy breakthrough is attracting the attention of investors, especially foreign investors in the field of real estate.

Emerging giants in real estate market

Many enterprises have silently acquired the land fund for many years and suddenly become real estate giants as they unveil a series of projects at the same time.

Hanoi announced 191 qualified projects for being sold "on paper"

The Hanoi Department of Construction has just announced a list of 191 real estate projects completed in the future that are qualified for business purposes as regulated.

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