Phu Long unveils world of resorts in Phu Quoc

By Ha Linh - Dec 23, 2019 | 09:14 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERL’Alyana Senses World is poised to elevate tourism in Phu Quoc island to a new height.

Phu Long Corporation and Saigon Sovico Phu Quoc has recently held a launching ceremony for L’Alyana Senses World Phu Quoc at Holiday Inn & Suites Saigon Airport.

Covering 219 hectares and stretching 1.5 kilometres along the western coastline of Phu Quoc island, L’Alyana Senses World is just within a 10-minute distance from Duong Dong town, golf course, safari, casino and around 20 minutes from Phu Quoc international airport and many other famous landscapes of the pearl island.

L’Alyana Senses World Phu Quoc is a majestic paradise of branded hotels, resorts and restaurants, catering to the needs of all generations.

In the first phase, Phu Long Corporation will develop the Furama Resort & Spa with the L'Alyana Senses World, with 350 resort rooms and 85 pool villas on an area of 7.2 ha. 

According to the developer, L’Alyana Senses World has accomplished all the investment procedures and obtained the approval for the 1/500 development masterplan and land-use-right certificate. 

Phu Long unveils L'Alyana Senses World Phu Quoc
Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy is the brand ambassador of L’Alyana Senses World

L’Alyana Senses World is not only a destination of infinite and diverse experiences for an extended stay but also a world of entertainment and relaxation into the nature such as natural parks, sailing club, coastal nourishment service, marine recreational activities, cultural and artistic activities.

Especially, L’Alyana Senses World is a pioneer in wellness tourism with the aim to bring customers a high-end experience for rejuvenating energy, detoxing body and awakening new lease of life.

At L’Alyana Senses World, Phu Long will develop a health screening and management center based on 4.0 technology that can produce hundreds of body indicators in just four hours. The center will also provide advices on health management regime, macrobiotic diet and beauty services combined with a comprehensive beauty treatment program to live well, live long, and stay young.

In addition, the developer will earmark an agricultural area to raise cattle, poultry and organic vegetables, providing nutritious food for restaurants to serve tourists.

Phung Chu Cuong, general director of Phu Long said, “L’Alyana Senses World will create a new look for Phu Quoc, with unique resorts and diversified entertainment and health management services that will enhance the attraction of the pearl island in particular and Vietnam’s tourism in general.”

The participation of two major shareholders having strong financial and experience as Sovico Group and Saigon Tourist Corporation will create internal power and strength to implement the project.

It is also a guarantee for investors and customers to put their faith in the quality, professionalism, dedicated service and bright prospect of L’Alyana Senses World.