Phu Long teams up with MJ to promote wellness services in Vietnam

By Thu Hoai - Dec 09, 2019 | 08:01 PM GMT+7

TheLEADERThe agreement is part of Phu Long’s ambitious plan to develop a mammoth resort paradise on Phu Quoc island with a focus on wellness tourism.

Phu Long teams up with MJ to promote wellness services in Vietnam
Phu Long and MJ representatives sign the MoU

Phu Long Corporation and MJ Group have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in health management and beauty services during the Vietnam Travel & Tourism Summit 2019 held in Hanoi today.

Accordingly, MJ Group will apply leading and comprehensive technology in health management to offer outstanding preventive health care services in newly-built high-tech health screening and and health management centres with the aim to bring healthier lifestyle for customers and better services to projects which Phu Long will be developing.

MJ Group is a global leading corporation with 30 years of experience in preventive health care and health management services, offering a comprehensive health screening provided with three stage (examination, evaluation and solution) and eight steps (screening, monitoring, analysis, assessment, prediction, early warning, intervention and follow-up).

The group’s Automated Multiphasic Health Testing and Service (AMHTS) provides customers with a superior healthcare service that is safe, comfortable, private and exclusive. Examinees may complete a checklist of one hundred items with MJ’s user-friendly and efficient “computerized cross-check scheduling system” within four hours and receiving a comprehensive report on the same day.

Since the opening of the first Health Screening Center in 1988, MJ Group has accumulated a health management platform with more than 100 million users who want to “Live Long, Live Strong and Stay Young”.

The cooperation agreement between Phu Long and MJ Group will provide leading health management and wellness services with the aim to promote wellness and holistic health for tourists as well as enhance the attractiveness for Vietnam’s tourism.

Mr. David Kuo, Deputy General Director of Phu Long said: “Phu Long Corporation is adopting a sustainable business strategy in line with international practices, proving a diversified eco-system. 

We attach importance to cooperation with the world’s leading partners, in particular with such healthcare and health management service providers as MJ Group in order to establish high-tech health screening and management centres, with the aim to not only provide our customers with high-quality services but also promote the attractiveness of Vietnam’s tourism via developing wellness tourism”.

The agreement with MJ Group is part of Phu Long’s ambitious plan to develop a mammoth resort destination on more than 200 hectares with 1.5-kilometre sandy beach on Phu Quoc island, off the southern coast of Vietnam. This is where world’s renown hotel and resort operators will converge to offer leading tourism products such as luxury hotels/resorts, beach villas, shopping streets etc.

One of the destination’s highlights is wellness service that will promote rejuvenation and healthier lifestyle provided by a 4.0 health screening centre, health and beauty centre, Oriental medicine centre, Zen garden, healthy restaurants as well as primitive forest park, water park and yacht club.

Wellness tourism is fast developing globally and Global Wellness Institute expects its revenue will reach $919 billion in 2022. 

In addition to traditional tourism products such as cultural tourism, eco-tourism and beach vacation, wellness tourism is expected to bring new experiences for tourists, thus enhancing the country’s pulling power to international tourists.