FLC Group officially launches Bamboo Airways

By Lam Giang - Aug 20, 2018 | 07:29 AM GMT+7

TheLEADERBamboo Airways' first flights are scheduled in October and the airline plans to open 37 domestic and international routes in the near future.

"After four years of deliberate preparation and based on the research and reference to airline models in the global market, FLC Group is honored and proud to present a new brand: Bamboo Airways,” Chairman of FLC Group Trinh Van Quyet delivered speech at the launching ceremony held at FLC Quy Nhon International Convention Centre, Binh Dinh province on August 18, 2018.

FLC Group officially launches Bamboo Airways
Chairman of FLC Group Trinh Van Quyet delivered speech at the launching ceremony

In the context that Vietnam has strong policies and guidelines to develop tourism into a spearhead economic sector and allow the private enterprises to invest in the domestic air transport market, the launching ceremony is viewed as a milestone before Bamboo Airways takes off in order to connect the regions together. This partially helps Vietnam become an increasingly attractive destination on the world’s tourism map.

"This is the first Vietnamese airline to operate under a hybrid model, which combines traditional full services and affordable services to meet diversified demands of all passengers in all classes,” Quyet stressed.

In the process of developing large-scale tourism resort complexes nationwide, FLC Group realized that the need for linking by airway domestic provinces and cities together and to foreign countries, which contributes to social and economic development, is always a great concern of local authorities. 

"Therefore, FLC conceived a project of establishing a new airline with well-planned development strategies on a large scale," he said. 

"Thanks to the Government’s encouragement to private enterprises, we believe the domestic aviation industry will continue to growth strongly, which will be an important premise for the development of Vietnam’s tourism sector and to achieve tourism objectives targeted in 2020. For instance, in 2020, Vietnam's tourism will become a key economic sector and contribute over 10 per cent of GDP,” FLC Group's Chairman affirmed.

At the ceremony, Bamboo Airways' crew uniforms were also unveiled with the three main colors of the brand identifier (green and two blue shades).

FLC Group officially launches Bamboo Airways 1
Bamboo Airways' crew uniforms

The launching of Bamboo Airways, which is headquartered at Phu Cat Airport (Quy Nhon), is expected to bring customers an attractive experience of a new model.

On July 09, the Prime Minister officially approved the establishment of Bamboo Airways.

Previously, FLC Group in June agreed a $5.6 billion deal to buy 20 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and in March signed a memorandum of understanding with Airbus for up to 24 A321 NEO planes.